Private Sellers Gear Up as ChopperExchange Debuts #1 Requested Feature Next Week

ST. PETERSBURG, FL, August 13th, 2021ChopperExchange, the largest American motorcycle marketplace, is gearing up to unveil a special, first-ever offer and new feature lineup for private sellers in the United States and Canada on August 18th, 2021.

For the first time in its history, ChopperExchange will roll out a service offering to meet every American motorcycle private seller’s budget and selling needs. If you have an American motorcycle to sell, ChopperExchange will have an option for you. No private seller will be left behind.

Not only have the company’s current private seller listing options been reimagined, but new features have been added, in addition to the secret, first-ever offer that will be revealed next week. One of the new features that many private sellers will appreciate is the option to pause their listing and come back to it within 90 days, to pick up right where they left off at no additional cost.

As one of the owners and hands-on members of the development team, Jake Braun is excited to unveil the new private seller offering as a treat to the company’s loyal customer base. When asked why now, Braun was part business-focused and part sentimental by saying, “It makes the most business sense, but it’s also a nice way to lighten up the mood in the industry after the challenging 2020 and 2021 many of us have had. It’s exciting.”

The timing of the company’s announcement perfectly lines up with the current market conditions and high demand for pre-owned motorcycles. This is one of the best times in recent history for private sellers to sell pre-owned motorcycles online. Limited supply and abnormally high demand for pre-owned motorcycles have created a dream environment for private sellers.

ChopperExchange has been a key player in the American motorcycle classifieds space since 2003. It has a very loyal customer base and social media presence of more than 725,000 followers. It’s the go-to place for selling American motorcycles online. It’s an American company that prides itself on providing a high quality of service and making it easy to buy and sell American motorcycles online.

To learn more about ChopperExchange, please visit www.ChopperExchange.com.

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