Why You Should List Your Motorcycle In The Spring

Why You Should List Your Motorcycle In The Spring

If you have a motorcycle that you’ve been meaning to sell but haven’t gotten around to it yet, this is the perfect time of the year to do so! Spring is the ideal time of year to get your motorcycle sold in a quick and effective manner. It also increases your chances of getting your asking price from potential buyers.

Many buyers are excited around this time of year. They are going to be looking for a new motorcycle well before the peak of riding season in the midsummer. This makes spring an ideal season for listing your bike.

Each season has its own specific advantages and disadvantages when it comes to selling a motorcycle. When you’re talking about spring, the positives definitely tend to outweigh the negatives. So, if you have a bike that you’ve been looking to sell, here are a few reasons that should convince you to list your motorcycle in the spring!

Buyers Are Becoming Eager

For most motorcyclists, springtime means the end of a long offseason, and the start of a new motorcycle riding season. This means that those who are in the market for a motorcycle are ready to finally go out and get their hands on a bike.

Maybe they have been doing their research on which motorcycles to buy all winter long. With the weather finally turning warm in most of the country, more and more people are going to be ready to pull the trigger and get themselves on a motorcycle as soon as possible.

Potential buyers are excited and ready to finally get out on the road, but before they can do this, they need to actually go out and get their new bike. This situation gives the sellers a lot of power. Eager buyers are a seller’s dream, as they are more likely to give the purchase less thought, and pay a bit more money than they would have been willing to pay during the offseason.

You’re More Likely To Get Your Money’s Worth

When your buyers are eager to make the purchase, they tend to spend less time on negotiating and debating price points. When purchasing during the off-season, many buyers are looking for a really good deal.

If you’re selling during the winter, you’re probably looking to get rid of the bike quickly and will take almost any reasonable price that is offered to you. Most buyers know this, and will not be interested in paying full price for a motorcycle when it’s too cold to even ride it.

Selling during the spring turns the tide in your favor! Most buyers know that the time for winter discounts has passed, and they’re ready and willing to face the market at the beginning of the peak. With the return of warmer weather in much of the country, a lot of potential buyers are ready to just go for it and get out there on their new motorcycle!

You’ll Have More Money For Riding Season

Unloading your bike in the spring means you’ll have a little more scratch in your pocket come summertime.

You can put that money towards buying yourself a brand new bike. Or start saving up for a summer vacation or road trip. Maybe you have wanted a specific upgrade to another motorcycle you own and haven’t been able to until you sold another motorcycle. Whatever you plan on doing with your hard earned cash, you’ll be glad you have it come riding season.

More Potential Buyers

The start of spring tends to bring out a ton of new buyers. First-time motorcycle buyers are looking to get out on the road, and the warm spring months presents an ideal opportunity for them to get the motorcycle they’ve always wanted.

For a multitude of reasons, spring tends to get potential motorcycle buyers to come out of the woodwork and start seriously looking for their new ride. An influx of buyers means that you will have a lot more offers coming in as opposed to other times of the year. This generally means getting a quicker sale!

Sell Right Before The Peak Of Riding Season

While spring may be the season that excitement and anticipation heat up, summer is the true star when it comes to motorcycle riding. Because of this, many riders selling their motorcycles think that they should wait until summer to list their bike for sale.

While this strategy can certainly work, getting your motorcycle listed before the peak of riding season can give you a few strategic advantages. One which is that there tends to be fewer motorcycles listed on the market. And as we mentioned above, the amount of motorcycle buyers tends to dramatically increase during the spring months.

The rest is simple economics: more buyers and fewer sellers mean you can occasionally get away with higher prices. Selling in the spring can be a great way to try to get their motorcycle sold quickly, while also incurring more money for the bike than you would have if you had sold it during another time of the year.   

Selling In The Spring

After a drawn-out and freezing cold winter, spring may be the best time imaginable to try to get your motorcycle sold! Whether you’re looking for money to buy a new bike, or you’re just trying to get rid of motorcycle that has been sitting in your garage for far too long, selling in the spring is a great strategy for getting your money’s worth on the sale.

If you have any tips or experiences selling motorcycles in the spring, we’d love to hear what you have to say. Let us know in the comments below.

Selling fast and getting your money’s worth are two of the most ideal outcomes for any seller. If you are interested in listing your motorcycle for sale on our website, check out our listing options! If you have any questions about the process, feel free to reach out at info@chopperexchange.com or (800) 523-7274.

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