Where to Sell a Motorcycle

Where to Sell a Motorcycle

There are many different places you can sell a motorcycle. However, some yield greater results than others. Where you decide to sell ultimately depends on your specific situation. 

To find what option is best for you, continue reading below! 

1. Your Front Yard

One of the most old-school ways to sell a motorcycle is to put it in the front yard with a for sale sign. But, just because this method is outdated doesn’t mean it can’t be effective under certain circumstances. 

For example, if you live on a street with consistent traffic, this may be a good option for you. And, if you live near a stop sign/light, that’s even better because people will be able to safely stop to take down your contact information. 

Just remember to position your motorcycle so that people can see it as they’re approaching your home. This way, they have ample time to see your sign. 

And if you live in a city/town that has a strong motorcycle culture, you’ll have an even better chance of finding a buyer. 

One major upside to this method is that it’s practically free. The only cost is the sign, and you can easily make your own.

2. Social Media 

In order to reach more potential buyers, you can post your motorcycle on social media. This method will be more effective if you are a part of motorcycle communities online. Also, if you have a lot of friends who ride.

You can post your bike periodically on your profile page. And, if you are a part of any groups, you can post to the group page. 

One benefit to this method is that you’re more likely to sell your bike to someone that you know. This may make the selling/buying process less stressful for you both.

Another benefit to selling your bike via social media is you won’t have to give your contact information to strangers. You can use the direct message feature to speak with potential buyers. Then, you can give serious buyers your phone number if you decide to later on. 

3. Dealership 

If you are looking for a more straightforward approach, consider selling your motorcycle to a motorcycle dealer

This is also a good option because you’ll have the opportunity to trade-in your motorcycle and ultimately combine the selling and buying process in one. It can also save you in sales tax since you’ve already paid sales tax on the value of your trade-in.

The downside to this method is that it may be more difficult to negotiate the selling price of your motorcycle. Dealers are trained salespeople and often make offers based on the cost of overhead.

If you’re on the fence about this, check out our post on the difference between selling your motorcycle privately versus trading it in at a dealership. 

4. Online Motorcycle Marketplace

The most effective way to sell a motorcycle is via an online marketplace that exclusively focuses on motorcycles..

Listing online will put your bike in front of the most potential buyers. In the methods above, you are, more or less, hoping that someone is interested in buying a motorcycle. Let alone if they are interested in your purchasing your specific model.

When you list your motorcycle on a motorcycle marketplace, you know that people have come to that website intending to purchase a bike, which increases your chances of making a sale. 

You are also not confined to selling in your immediate area. It’s not uncommon for a rider to purchase a motorcycle out of state

Furthermore, ChopperExchange has a feature in which you can message potential buyers via our website. This way you don’t have to post your phone number to your listing.

For even more benefits of listing online, check out our post on how sellers find success using ChopperExchange

In Conclusion

Now that you know some general pros and cons of the most popular places to sell a motorcycle, you can make the decision that’s best for you. 

Have you ever sold a motorcycle before? Let us know where you chose to sell it below!

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