Top 5 Motorcycle Seller Mistakes

Many motorcycle sellers think that selling motorcycles online requires very little effort because it is so easy to list a motorcycle on most classifieds websites. This leads them to make some costly mistakes that slow down the sale of their motorcycle.

And the top 5 mistakes made are:

  1. Set the asking price too high. Online sellers tend to think that setting a higher asking price when selling online is a good idea because there are a lot more shoppers online. This is the worst mistake to make. While there are more shoppers online, they also happen to be price comparison shoppers who are looking for best deals and are using pricing resources, such as Kelley Blue Book, to figure out the fair market value of the motorcycle they are buying. Overpriced motorcycles do not appeal to any buyers, including those who shop online.
  2. Upload only one photo. While it is easy to upload one photo of the motorcycle and call it a day, it significantly decreases the likelihood the motorcycle will sell. Since online shoppers do not have the option to see the motorcycle in person, it is very important that they have plenty of photos that show exactly what the motorcycle looks like. This helps online shoppers take mental ownership of the motorcycle.
  3. Write a short description. Many sellers think that disclosing the year, make, model, color, and mileage of the motorcycle is enough to sell it. In reality, motorcycle buyers are looking for a lot more, such as any extras added to the motorcycle, maintenance history, ownership history, how it was stored, and why the seller is selling the motorcycle. The description is the seller’s opportunity to make a strong sales pitch to the interested buyer.
  4. Describe the asking price as firm. A lot of online sellers state that their asking price is firm because they do not want to receive calls from people who want to haggle over the price. While this may turn away some hagglers, it also turns away serious buyers who get the impression that the seller is not friendly or is not willing to work with the buyer at all.
  5. Photograph the motorcycle with too much clutter around it. The most common mistake that sellers make when photographing their motorcycle is that they do it inside an overly clutter garage or by a large group of cars or other motorcycles. This makes it very difficult for interested buyers to see what the motorcycle really looks like.

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