3 Ways to Prove the Authenticity of Online Buyers

3 Ways to Prove the Authenticity of Online Buyers

If you want to sell your motorcycle quickly, listing it online is the way to go. It’s convenient, easy and much more effective at attracting a large audience. Getting your bike in front of the right online buyer can be the best way to get it sold fast.

But although you have the potential to reach thousands of people who are in the market to buy right now, putting faith in someone who is thousands of miles away can be difficult. 

Online scams have left sellers understandably hesitant to sell high ticket items, like motorcycles, online. But that isn’t to say there aren’t good people out there. There are a few ways to prove the authenticity of an online buyer.

1. Get to Know the Buyer

A trustworthy buyer will ask a lot of questions. As we all know, motorcycles are expensive. No one is willing to pay that kind of money without doing their research. But most scammers fail to consider this and will make an offer immediately with very few to no questions asked. 

Your first point of contact with the buyer will most often be a message sent directly through the classifieds website. It is a great sign if the buyer begins by asking you questions right off the bat

With an item like a motorcycle, the questions will most likely be educated, meaning they will know their stuff. Even a new rider will likely be very specific about what they want. Their questions will be detailed because they are concerned about the quality and condition of the bike. 

If you’ve been exchanging messages and the conversation is going well, insist on speaking to the buyer over the phone. Scammers will avoid talking over the phone at all costs. But a serious buyer will have no problem speaking to you over the phone because as much as you are vetting them, a genuine buyer is also vetting you. 

Buyers are also worried about being scammed online. To make the deal go through you need to alleviate their worries as well.

Another strategy is to invite the buyer to see the bike in person. Not everyone can afford to fly out of state or make the time just to see a motorcycle, but pay attention to their excuse. Plus, the buyer may be willing to meet you in person, eliminating the need to ship your motorcycle or send money online. 

2. Set Payment Requirements

Many scammers will try to dictate the terms of the transaction. They will offer to pay using a check. Or they will convince you that Paypal is the best payment method. Before you know it, you have an email confirmation from Paypal that money has been successfully transferred to your account and is being held until proof of shipping is sent to the buyer. 

Don’t fall victim to these tricks. You are the one with the motorcycle, so you are in control. Before you even list your motorcycle decide what payment method you plan to use and stick to your guns. An authentic buyer will have no problem using the payment method you’ve selected. 

Another way to prove the authenticity of a buyer is by their buying price. If you are a smart seller, you’ve listed your motorcycle for more than you plan on selling it for. This way you have room to negotiate. 

Any real buyer is going to negotiate the price down in search of the best deal. If a buyer offers to pay your asking price with zero questions asked, we’d be skeptical of the buyer too.

3. Don’t Fall For Anything That is Too Good To Be True

Common internet scams are typically too good to be true. Either the buyer is willing to send you the money right away or they are offering you the exact amount, or more than what you asked for. They may have even fed you a sob story to get the better of your emotions. Don’t fall for it

Keep a level head and don’t get excited by the money they are dangling in front of your face like a carrot. It is always better to be cautious than to fall victim to poor research and planning. 

Always listen to your gut feeling. If something doesn’t feel right, don’t ignore it. But that being said, don’t disqualify every buyer for fear that they may be a scammer. Despite that there are scammers on the internet, there are also stand-up people who are buying online for the convenience and ability to compare their options. 

Have you sold a motorcycle online? What tips would you recommend to a first-time seller? Let us know in the comments below!

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