Top 9 Benefits to Owning a Motorcycle

Top 9 Benefits to Owning a Motorcycle

Are you interested in purchasing a motorcycle for yourself or as a gift for someone special? Trying to convince your parent or significant other that it’s not a frivolous purchase decision? Or perhaps you already own a motorcycle and are interested in learning more. In all cases, you’ve come to the right place. 

Buying a motorcycle is a big decision. But it is also a rewarding one. Riding a motorcycle is an experience like no other. There are also many practical reasons to own a motorcycle. 

If you’re on the fence, we’re here to help! The benefits below are sure to win anyone over. If you currently own a motorcycle, be prepared to fall in love with riding all over again. 

1. The Thrill

Spice Up Your Life

If you are looking for a way to spice things up, purchasing a motorcycle is a great option. The adrenaline pumping through your veins makes you feel larger than life. Your hand grips the throttle and you know you’re in complete control. Taking a ride is sure to brighten up your day and make you feel vibrant and alive. 


Undoubtedly, there are many self-proclaimed speed demons reading this post. Nevertheless, the motorcycle community makes it very clear that safety is the most important part of riding a motorcycle. 

However, speed is undeniably one of the best perks! But, you don’t need to break the speed limit to get the rush you’re looking for. 

Driving forty-five miles per hour in a car is a completely different experience on a motorcycle. Unlike cars, motorcycles are unenclosed. The feeling of acceleration is magnified and the power of the wind blowing through your hair is unmatched. 

Sure, you could roll down the windows of your car. However, that breeze is sub-par compared to the refreshing gust you get on a motorcycle ride. 

The Experience 

Riding a motorcycle is an incredible sensory experience because you are not enclosed and your senses are exposed to the elements. You can smell the fresh air, feel the powerful wind, hear the revving engine, and see the beautiful landscape. Incredible!

2. The Savings 

Cost-Friendly Alternative 

Secondly, a motorcycle is a great alternative to a car, especially if you live in a city that has great weather year round. According to CreditDonkey.com, a popular credit card comparison and review website, the average cost of a new car is $36,270. 

Whereas, the average selling price of a motorcycle on our marketplace, ChopperExchange, is about $12,000, which is considerably less.

Resale Value/Cost  

Chances are, you can find a used motorcycle online that’s in good condition, at a reasonable price, and with fairly low mileage. Cars typically accumulate a lot more mileage before they are resold. Most people own a motorcycle in addition to their primary vehicle. 

For this reason, bikes don’t tend to rack up as many miles as cars. Also, when you are ready to buy your next bike, the resale value on the old one may be reasonable if it is in good condition. 

Self Maintenance 

It goes without saying, motorcycles are much smaller than the average vehicle. This makes them less intimidating to work on yourself. As they say, repairing your bike gives you both the opportunity to “become one” and have some quality bonding time.  

You can get advice from other riders and watch YouTube videos to learn how to perform repairs. You may also have a close friend or family member that rides. Perhaps, you can ask them for help. 

If it’s an easy fix, they may do it for free. If it is something a bit more complex, hopefully they give you the friends and family discount!

3. The Adventure 

A motorcycle is a great investment for those who love seeing new places and experiencing new things. Taking a ride is a great way to sight-see. Being out in the open air gives you the opportunity to take in the scenery in a way that is impossible in a car. 

Think about the first time you rode your bicycle somewhere. Do you remember the feeling of freedom? Being one with the world around you? Now multiply that feeling times ten.   

There are countless amazing places to travel to on your motorcycle. One Travel recommends that you take motorcycle road trips to the following beautiful locations across the nation: 

  1. Beartooth Highway
  2. Blue Ridge Parkway 
  3. California State Route 36
  4. Cherohala Skyway
  5. Deal’s Gap
  6. Pacific Coast Highway 
  7. Route 66
  8. Skyline Drive
  9. The Three Sisters
  10. Tunnel of Trees Road 

4. Great Parking

Great parking is a cool perk of riding. Motorcycle parking is often the closest to the building, only second to handicap parking. 

Also, if you’re parking in an unpaved/unmarked lot, restassured, you can scoot into any small space available. Just be mindful. You wouldn’t want someone to knock over your ride because you parked too close or parked in their blind spot. 

5. The Camaraderie 

Ease of Making Friends

Furthermore, riding a motorcycle is an easy way to meet new people. Let’s say you are leaving the store and are walking towards the motorcycle parking section. You may notice another rider. 

This is the perfect opportunity to start a conversation. You already know you both have at least one thing in common. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there. Start a conversation by complementing their ride.

Biker Community 

Once you purchase a motorcycle, you are automatically a member of the biker community. Research motorcycle clubs in your area. Make sure that your organization of choice is one registered with the American Motorcycle Association

Once you meet other riders, you all can do things like casually hang-out, go to biker events, and go on motorcycle road trips. 

Harley Davidson®  has a motorcycle club named HOG®, (Harley Owners Group®). You can join the local chapter in your city. 

HOG® also has membership programs. There are four different types of memberships:  full membership, associate membership, full life membership, and associate life membership. The perks range from “member-only rides and events to milestone achievement recognition.”

HOG® full and full life members get exclusive benefits, such HOG® roadside assistance, AT&T® discounts, and motorcycle shipping. 

6. The Freedom 

Riding a motorcycle also gives you a strong sense of freedom. Going for a ride is a great way to get away from things for a while. There’s no need to pack a car full of stuff. All you need is you, your bike, and the open road. 

7. The Cool Factor 

Your personality 

This is the number one benefit on everyone’s mind. Frankly, having a motorcycle implies that you’re pretty badass. It also gives your cool points a major boost. If you are (or strive to be) a stand out type of guy/girl that lives his/her life to the fullest, motorcycle culture may be a perfect fit for your personality. 

The Gear

Leather boots, gloves, and jackets show the world your bold personality. Riding gear was created to shield you from the elements, to protect you from injuries, and to provide a barrier from hazards. But, gear also, undoubtedly, makes you look edgy. 

8. The Health Benefits 

Stress Relief

“Four wheels move the body. Two move the soul.” – Unknown 

This notion is now supported by scientific data. The UCLA Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior conducted a study, funded by Harley-Davidson®, that tested the effects of riding a motorcycle on the body. 

The study found that riding “significantly decreased levels of cortisol by 28%…” Cortisol is a stress hormone. This research suggests that riding can be an effective tool for relieving stress. 

Physical Fitness 

UCLA’s study also found that riding a motorcycle “increases arousal of the sympathetic nervous system.” The sympathetic nervous system is responsible for your fight or flight response. This study found that riding a motorcycle causes an increase in heart rate comparable to light exercise

Brain Function 

Furthermore, the UCLA motorcycle study found that “riding reduced susceptibility to distraction,” and “heighten[ed] sensory processing.” This research suggests that riding increases attention by “strengthening focus and heightening the brain’s passive monitoring of changes in the sensory environment.”

Neuroscientist Don Vaughn, the study’s lead scientist, compares this increase in alertness to the effects of drinking a cup of coffee. 

Sun Exposure 

Are you getting your daily dose of vitamin D? There are three ways our bodies can take in vitamin D: through food, supplements, and sun exposure. One way to take in some sun is, you’ve guessed it, riding a motorcycle.

Medical News Today states, “Sun exposure is the most important natural source of vitamin D. The body uses vitamin D to absorb the calcium it needs to build and maintain bones.” Just be sure to avoid overexposure and don’t forget to wear sunscreen.

9. Eco-Friendly

Last but not least, in many ways, motorcycles are more environmentally friendly than cars. Green Choice lists some of the many ways motorcycles are more eco-friendly than larger vehicles. We’ve included some of their thoughts below.  

Less Natural Resources Used

Obviously, motorcycles are smaller than cars, which means they require fewer parts. This may not seem like a big deal, but think about how many cars manufacturers produce in a year. 

Last year there were about seventy million cars manufactured. Consequently, a lot of natural resources were used to make them. Purchasing a motorcycle instead of a car could help conserve our natural resources. 

Less Manufacturing Plant Pollution 

More parts mean a longer manufacturing process. More manufacturing means more pollution. Purchasing a motorcycle instead of a car could potentially reduce air pollution

You could also purchase a used motorcycle and eliminate your contribution to the negative impacts of vehicle manufacturing together. 

Less Emissions 

It goes without saying, that motorcycles are much lighter than cars. Roads, bridges, and highways don’t stay in good condition forever. They must be maintained and repaired. 

Think about how construction impacts our environment. The U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Highway Administration states that construction vehicles negatively impact the environment by their fuel consumption and exhaust emissions. 

The Federal Highway Administration has created a plan to reduce the environmental impact caused by construction. We, as citizens, can help reduce wear and tear on the roads by driving smaller vehicles.  

Whether motorcycles create less emissions is still up for debate. The theory is “the heavier the vehicle, the more fuel it uses, the more emissions it produces.” 

According to this theory, motorcycles use less fuel and therefore create less emissions, consequently contributing to less pollution. 

In conclusion 

There are countless benefits to owning a motorcycle. 

  • Motorcycles are great for practical reasons, which have financial, ecological, and physiological benefits. 
  • They also provide many ways to have new experiences, explore new places, and meet new people. 
  • On top of that, motorcycle rides, simply, make you feel like you’re on top of the world! 

If you were on the fence before, comment below and tell us the motorcycle benefit listed that pushed you over the ledge!

If you currently own a motorcycle tell us your top two favorite things about riding! 

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  • Motorcycles offer many benefits beyond just transportation, including improved physical and mental health, cost savings, fuel efficiency, increased freedom, and an enhanced sense of adventure and community.

  • Owning a motorcycle comes with a multitude of benefits. From the thrill of the open road to the cost savings and convenience, this blog highlights the top nine advantages that make motorcycles an irresistible choice for enthusiasts.

  • Great article! The thrilling experience that offers freedom, cost savings, and a strong sense of community. The benefits mentioned truly highlight the joy of two-wheeled adventures.

  • Owning a motorcycle offers unparalleled freedom and excitement. From beating traffic to exploring scenic routes, the benefits are endless. Enhanced maneuverability, cost-efficiency, and the sense of camaraderie among riders are just a few reasons why motorcycles enrich our lives. Embrace the open road and discover the thrill today!

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