The Best Time to Buy a Motorcycle

Wouldn’t it be nice if after the holidays we could unwind on the couch letting all thoughts of gifts, gas, and house guests escape our minds? Well, unfortunately, most of us don’t allow such a treat but rather find January’s tenacious to-do list kicking down our door while we’re still scrambling to lay down some practical resolutions.

For many, January is a time to redefine ourselves or our homes: clean out the garage, redecorate the living room, plan healthier meals, or hit the gym for a few days (a few weeks if you’re really determined); but for others, according to lifehacker, January is the time to buy a new motorcycle.

Planning in advance to buy a motorcycle can save your pockets some cash and give you time to research for the right bike. While riding is still at rest for most of the United States and people are more keen on saving rather than spending, January brings motorcycle prices you won’t see in the spring. After riding season is over, many bikers are ready to retire their ride and put it on the market; in the spring, enthusiasts looking for a new hobby start shopping and dealer prices begin to rise. Our advice, start looking around for that undeniable deal before Christmas then hit em with an offer after the New Year (while the rest of the world is working on their budget).

Follow the link to our motorcycle search page to see dealer and private seller prices on bikes in your area.

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  • I have always loved motorcycles, but have never brought myself to buying one. It’s interesting that you should buy one after Christmas and new years. It would be nice to finally look at a bike, and see if I like it.

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