Should I Buy a Motorcycle?

A motorcycle is a big-ticket item. So, it’s normal to be a bit hesitant when making such a large decision. 

So, if you’re on the fence, you’re in the right place! 

Continue reading below to find out if buying a motorcycle is the right decision for you! 

1. You’re Looking for a Car Alternative

If you currently drive a four-wheeled vehicle, you may have considered purchasing a motorcycle to cut costs. 

Motorcycles are more cost-effective than the average automobile. 

For starters, they cost less to buy. The average car costs about $35,000, while the average motorcycle costs about $12,000. You can even purchase a new standard motorcycle for as little as $7,000. 

Also, the average car gets about 25 miles per gallon, while the average motorcycle gets approximately 30 to 45 miles per gallon. 

Repairs are also cheaper for motorcycles. Motorcycle parts are typically less expensive than car parts due to their size alone. 

2. You Want to Treat Yourself 

Be kind to yourself. There’s no reason you can’t indulge every once in a while. You deserve it!

A motorcycle is a great gift to give yourself. And, besides, rewarding yourself is a great way to stay motivated in life. 

In order to make this a true treat and not a chore, create a savings plan. Put money aside so that you can buy the bike in cash or make a large down payment. This way you can avoid the stress of paying high-interest rates.  

And, if you’re interested in more advice on payment methods, check out this post on motorcycle financing options

3. You’re Longing for Adventure 

Are you looking for a way to spice up your life? If so, a motorcycle is a perfect remedy. 

The experience of riding can be described as thrilling, freeing and exhilarating. For many, it feels like you’re living life on the edge or standing on top of the world. 

Sometimes life feels mundane and boring. Breaking your routine to start a new hobby could be the pick me up you need right now.

4. You Enjoy Traveling 

If you’re a person who likes to sightsee and explore, then a motorcycle could be the perfect fit for you. 

Riding gives you the opportunity to explore new cities or feel at one with the beauty of nature that surrounds you. 

If the above is your idea of a good time, consider purchasing a tourer with a passenger seat. This way, you can share the experience with your favorite person. Or, you could join a riding group and go touring with your new friends.

5. You’ve Been Thinking About It for a Long Time    

If you’ve been window shopping for an extended period of time, it may be time to commit. So, if you’ve been thinking about purchasing a motorcycle for years now, it’s likely time to make a move. 

Take a moment to think about what’s holding you back. If you’re concerned about safety, do some research to see if it’s the right fit for you. The Motorcycle Safety Foundation is a great resource. 

And, if money is not the concern, you’re likely dragging your feet. Time will continue to pass and you’ll still be thinking about what could’ve been. Take a chance! And, if it’s not for you, you can always sell your motorcycle and move on to the next adventure. 

In Conclusion

We hope the information above gets you one step closer to making the decision that’s right for you. Riding does come with responsibilities, but the experience is unmatched. 

So, what did you decide? Let us know in the comments below!

Also, if and when you decide to make your purchase, you should check out our ultimate guide on how to buy a motorcycle. It features step-by-step tips and advice for a more stress-free buying experience.

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