10 Reasons Why You Should Ride a Motorcycle

Whether you are a new rider who just bought their first motorcycle or a seasoned rider with years under your belt, there are many reasons why you ride a motorcycle. A motorcycle is not only a mode of transportation, it is an extension of freedom, adventure, individuality and camaraderie. Here are the ten most important reasons why you should ride a motorcycle:


Riding a motorcycle gives you a freedom like no other. Getting on your motorcycle and riding is a great way to escape from the real world for awhile. Once you are on your bike, the road is yours. You can go wherever you want to go to explore, learn and see new things. The freedom of being able to jump on your bike and go is a feeling that not many people get to feel.


Even though motorcycle riding brings people closer together in the biker community, it creates a sense of individuality. Motorcycles are completely customizable, which allows you to be the only one with your bike. Customizing your bike and making it unique will set you apart from all of the other riders with your specific make and model. Motorcycle riding also gives you an increased sense of individuality from those who do not ride.

For the thrill

There is no doubt that riding a motorcycle gives you a thrill that you can’t get from inside a car. The famous quote is “four wheels move the body, and two wheels move the soul”. Riding a motorcycle to new and exciting locations with your friends is a thrilling feeling. Also, it is thrilling to show off your ride to other bikers to be in awe of your modifications.


One of the greatest things about riding a motorcycle is the sense of adventure it brings you. Having the ability to just grab your bike, and go ride is a great feeling. There are many roads and motorcycle rides that you can go on around the United States. Organized motorcycle rides happen all of the time throughout different parts of the country. Riding your motorcycle to anywhere in the world is a great way to adventure out of the ordinary of everyday life.


One of the best parts about being a motorcycle rider is the camaraderie with the biker community. The biker community is a close knit family and once you are a part of it you are a member for life. There is a shared bond between bikers that only motorcycle riders can understand. The camaraderie of being a part of a bigger community and the culture of riders is a great feeling.

Easy commute

If you live in a larger city where commuting is inevitable, commuting on a motorcycle is a much better option. It is much easier to commute on a motorcycle, and when you get to work you will be in a much better mood. Motorcycles are more fuel efficient than cars and this will help you save on fuel prices at the end of the year.

Easy parking

It is much easier to park a motorcycle in a busy parking lot than a car or truck. Motorcycles can be parked a few to a space, or you can park your bike in smaller spots that aren’t lined parking spaces.

Connection with Earth

With riding a motorcycle comes freedom, and this freedom to explore will increase your connection with mother nature. Riding a motorcycle helps you stop and appreciate your surroundings, and all of the wonders of the world. One of the best parts about motorcycle riding is the adventures you will go on. The places you will stumble across will become some of the best riding destinations.

Looking cool

When you are riding a motorcycle you look cool. There is no doubt about that. When you are a motorcycle rider you have a sense of freedom and adventure that gives you an overwhelming feeling of confidence that can be seen by others. As a motorcycle rider you can wear gear and leathers that make you look cool as well.

Fun of it

Finally, the tenth reason for riding a motorcycle is for the fun of it. There is no doubt that riding a motorcycle is fun. It brings you on adventures and it brings people closer together. Riding a motorcycle helps bring out your inner kid, and it helps relieve stress.



No matter what your reason is to ride a motorcycle, make sure you just go for it. Riding a motorcycle is not just a hobby or something fun to do on the weekends. Riding a motorcycle is a lifestyle. Even though it is a lifestyle that many people don’t understand, those who are a part of the camaraderie know and understand. You always regret the rides you didn’t take. Don’t let the fear of the unknown stop you from riding a motorcycle. If you are ready to take life by the handlebars, shop American v-twin motorcycles now.

Did you think of another reason why you should ride a motorcycle? Leave your reason in the comments below.

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