Improve Your Listing By Adding a Video

Improve Your Listing By Adding a Video

When you list a motorcycle for sale online, the goal is to sell it fast. With thousands of other motorcycles online, your listing needs to stand out to attract the right buyer. That means taking full advantage of all the features available to you on ChopperExchange.

Uploading a video of your motorcycle is a great way to showcase your bike and draw more attention to your listing. Although free, video uploads are one of the most overlooked features on ChopperExchange and other classifieds sites. Despite what you may be thinking, it requires little effort to film an excellent video of your motorcycle. You aren’t filming a scene from “Sons of Anarchy”. All your video requires is a decent phone camera, your keys and, of course, your amazing motorcycle.

How Do I Prep For My Listing Video?

Before you begin filming, make sure your motorcycle is clean. This goes without saying for your photos as well. You are selling your motorcycle for a reason. Either you’ve gotten good use of your motorcycle and are in the market for a new one, or maybe you haven’t been out riding for a long time and have decided it deserves a new home. Either way, dust off the old cobwebs or wash away the fresh dirt. No one wants to purchase a motorcycle that looks like it hasn’t been cared for.

Next, make sure you know your motorcycle. If it is yours, then this will be easy. But if you are selling the motorcycle for someone else, it is important to do your research, not only for the video now but for the questions you are bound to receive by interested buyers. Create a list of notes about the make and model, but dig deeper and find out what modifications have been made. If you aren’t confident that you have all the information that you need, you can visit a local dealership and they can look over the motorcycle for you.

Finally, do some market research. What are people currently in the market for? Does your motorcycle fall within this category? What are the most attractive features of your bike? These are the features you want to highlight in your video.

How Do I Film a Video of My Motorcycle?

Before we give you a list of things to include in your video, it is important to note that a video is a great way to add a personal touch to your listing. Introduce yourself to the camera and share why you are selling your motorcycle. Maybe even include a story that is meaningful to you. This is a strategy most businesses use to make connections with their buyers. Why not do the same? Online shoppers are doing whatever they can to avoid internet scams. Show potential buyers that you are a trusted seller.

Here are a few important things to include in the video recording:

  1. Start the video with your motorcycle turned off. Then start up the engine and let it idle. The biggest pitfall of buying a motorcycle online is that you must trust that it runs from a series of photos and a description. The point of the video is to show that your motorcycle runs smoothly with no issues to the engine.
  2. Gently rev the engine, while your motorcycle is parked, and make sure the sound of the engine and exhaust pipes can be heard clearly.
  3. Walk completely around your motorcycle, and move the camera close up to the engine and exhaust pipes.
  4. Include close-ups of any non-stock items that have been added on to your motorcycle (ape hangers, passenger seat, saddlebags, LED lights, etc.). This is where you should include those features that make your bike stand out.
  5. Show any damage that might have been done to the motorcycle. It is important to disclose any issues that may come up later. You don’t want to disappoint a potential customer by giving them false information.
  6. While the motorcycle is still running, show the odometer and other gauges that it might have.
  7. If your motorcycle has a stereo system, turn it on for the buyer to listen to the clear sound from the speakers.
  8. You can also record someone sitting on the motorcycle for a potential buyer to get a better feel of the height of the motorcycle and sitting position. If you have lowered or raised your motorcycle, let viewers know.

Make sure that you are holding your phone horizontally so that you take full advantage of the video space. This will ensure you don’t have those ugly black bars on either side of the video. Also, make sure that the lens is in focus. There is nothing worse than a bad video of a beautiful motorcycle.

How Do I Upload My Video?

In order to upload your video to ChopperExchange, it must be uploaded to YouTube first. Once your video is live on YouTube, hit the share button below the bottom right corner of the video. Then hit embed. Copy and paste the necessary links to the correct fields in ChopperExchange. If this is too complicated for you, we can upload your video to YouTube for you and add the video to your listing. You can call our support team at (800) 523-7274 or email us at info@chopperexchange.com.

What Else Can I Do to Improve My Listing?

Don’t stop there. Make sure that in addition to a great video, you also have improved your photos and included a detailed description of your bike. Don’t forget to check your email and to respond to all your inquiries. You never know who the right buyer might be!

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