What is My Harley® Worth?

Are you interested in finding out how much your Harley-Davidson® motorcycle is worth? Considering selling your precious chopper?  Maybe you just want to boast to your friends about your beautiful ride.  Better yet, maybe you want to know how much money your significant other just spent on their new motorcycle, because you’re convinced it’s more than they told you.  No matter the reason, we can help you figure it out!  There are plenty of resources online that can help you determine how much your bike is worth.  An important thing to remember is that each resource that we will discuss, by itself, is incomplete.  In order to get the real picture of how much your Harley® motorcycle is worth, you will need to use a combination of the resources below to find the real value of your bike.

Kelly Blue Book®

If there’s one independent website that you should definitely make sure to check out it’s Kelly Blue Book®.  They are great for a quick and impartial evaluation of your motorcycle.  Its site is easy to use, and they allow you to explore all of the options for your bike’s make, model and year.  It allows users to compare several different types of vehicles quickly.  For that reason, it’s also a great resource if you’re interested in purchasing a motorcycle!

Kelly Blue Book® is a great starting point, but keep in mind this website doesn’t take into consideration most upgrades or any special modifications that you may have added to your bike.  Condition and mileage are also major factors for determining value that Kelly Blue Book® doesn’t factor into its estimates.


Tinkering and modifying are in the blood of nearly every biker and adventurer.  It’s awesome to get a brand new motorcycle, but it feels just as good to add on those new saddle bags or install a new muffler system.  It’s fun to do and, more importantly, it impacts the value of your motorcycle.  Keep in mind that just because it cost you money and time, others may not appreciate your upgrades.

It’s not that your upgrades are bad; it’s a matter of whether your upgrades increase the dollar value of the motorcycle.  For instance, you wouldn’t want to modify a prototype Harley® that you manage to get your hands on.  That would ruin its value!  Your best bet would be to leave it unmodified and in great condition.

When you figure out how much you’ve spent on upgrades, you can add some of that cost to your bike and help get one step closer to finding out the value of the motorcycle.  Keep in mind that your return on modifications and upgrades are going to be minimal.  So don’t start upgrading your bike if you expect to get all of your money back out of it!  Hopefully, by this point you’ve checked to make sure your motorcycle isn’t an extremely rare bike that’s worth way more untouched than heavily modified!


ChopperExchange is a great place to figure out how much how much any American V-twin motorcycle is worth.  With thousands of American V-twin motorcycles currently listed and many more sold, it’s a great place to check out what the current value for motorcycles similar to yours actually is.

We also have a sold motorcycles section that allows you look at motorcycles that have already sold and see how the current rates compare.  Make sure to read the description of each bike you’re comparing.  When you’re doing research, find the bikes that are similar in the amount and type of upgrades and modifications. Otherwise you could find a bike with a big price tag that’s not really the same as your motorcycle due to so much modification!  This will help to be sure the price is accurate for your motorcycle.

Another useful feature is our Price Report tool!  It’s a great way to get quick information on the type of motorcycle you’re interested in selling.  It’s simple to use and a great way find the average price of similar motorcycles listed on our site.

Harley-Davidson® Website

This may seem obvious, but if your bike is two years old, or less, then the Harley-Davidson® website is the perfect resource.  You can have the motorcycles quoted to you by several dealerships and each model will have its own general price point.  Unfortunately, they will start removing older models off of its website after a few years so this resource has a fairly limited window for older Harley® motorcycles.

Look Around

Did you know that there are people who geek out about Harley-Davidson® motorcycles?  This means there are forums everywhere online you can use to find out everything you need to know about Harley-Davidson®.  This includes the approximate values of many different bike models, and that will most likely include yours!  So make sure to do some internet digging, and find exactly what you’re looking for.

This will be the most time consuming method but it will also provide you with the most resources when trying to find info on upgrades.  Forums are extremely useful when you try to determine the value of motorcycle.  You can also find the best information on parts that should be used for your bike and which brands to avoid.  It can be risky upgrading your motorcycle with low-quality parts that could possibly leading to part failure and injury.  You should check around and get the best information possible.

Now that you’ve read our tips for figuring out how much your Harley® is worth, are you ready to sell your Harley-Davidson® motorcycle?  If you are then check out 7 Useful Tips to Sell Your Harley-Davidson® Motorcycle to create the perfect listing.  Ready to sell your Harley® now?  ChopperExchange is the perfect place to find a new home for your motorcycle.

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  • Kim Meeker says:

    This didnt help me. I have a 1979 fx number 7 of a thousand made have origanal tin

    • ChopperExchange Admin says:

      We’re sorry to hear this article didn’t help you. Please email us directly at info@chopperexchange.com or give us a call at (800) 523-7274 between 9 AM and 5 PM ET. We’ll gladly research your 1979 FX in more depth and help answer any questions you may have about buying, selling or valuing a Harley motorcycle.

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