7 Useful Tips to Sell Your Harley-Davidson® Motorcycle

7 Useful Tips to Sell Your Harley-Davidson® Motorcycle

While every Harley-Davidson® motorcycle owner loves their bike and would never be willing to say goodbye, sometimes you just need an upgrade! So to help you get the next dream ride, we’ve assembled a handy guide to show you how to properly part with your current motorcycle. These seven tips will help you successfully list your motorcycle for sale online and make sure it received as much love from online buyers as it deserves. Following these seven tips will help you sell your Harley.

Wash your Harley

While this may seem like a common sense step one, you may be surprised at how often motorcycles are not even cleaned or washed before owners list them for sale online. This can lead to potential buyers passing over the bike for fear of neglect or speculation that the motorcycle is damaged in some way. This is one of the most important factors when showing off the motorcycle to interested buyers. Keep in mind that appearances do matter, especially for beautiful machines like motorcycles.

Your mother may have said “you can’t judge a book by its cover,” but most people seem to forget that when a large amount of money is on the line. Regular waxing and bug repellent actually do help keep motorcycles in better condition. Things like sun and salt water can eat away at the motorcycle, causing actual damage that will need to be repaired. This may seem like a daunting task, but in reality it only takes a few minutes out of your day and it could mean the difference between selling your old ride and keeping it in the garage forever.

Set a Competitive Price

There’s nothing more frustrating than seeing your bike sit available for sale for months on end. Take a really good hard look and think about the motorcycle you’ve been trying to sell. While there are a few questions that should pop into your head, the question of “What is My Harley Worth?” should be towards the top of that list! We know you love your bike and may have put a sizable amount of money into making sure it stays your crown jewel. If you take that really good and hard look to see if your bike is a little too expensive it could help you, and your wallet, in the long run.

Our recommendation depends on how quickly the seller wants to sell their motorcycle. Do they need it gone quick? Great, then make it one of the cheapest bikes of its type. Make sure to consider all of the upgrades and modifications you’ve made to the motorcycle first and decide on how much they’re worth. If you really were planning on selling it fast then you would only be losing a small portion of the overall profit and the buyer gets a “deal”. While this may seem like a less desirable option, it definitely has an upside in the form of fast cash.

Let’s change gears for a minute. Let’s say that you don’t need to sell the bike as fast as possible. We recommend listing the motorcycle around the median price point. Take a look at the type of bikes similar to yours so you can get a good feel for the market price of your motorcycle. Again, keep in mind all of those extra features when coming up with the price. You won’t be getting the full value of each of those upgrades, but you don’t want to shoot a hole in your wallet for no reason either. You have something unique with its own story so make sure that its value is also represented.

Keep Records of Tune-Ups and Repairs (Also What to Do if You Don’t Do That)

The worst thing about buying a new motorcycle is not knowing if the bike was well cared for or how long its been since the last oil change. “Have you ever had it tuned up by a professional?” or “Are the tires rotting away?” are great questions to ask before buying a bike, but it’s hard to know whether the seller is telling you the truth. Now you have the chance to get ahead of those questions with your own motorcycle. Show potential buyers you took good care of the bike they may also be wanting to care for.

If you’re like most people then you may have a tendency to throw away receipts before you even leave the building. If that is the case, all hope is not completely lost! Depending on where you took your bike for maintenance, the shop may keep a service record of your bike on file. They do this so they can call you when they know it’s about time for an oil change or new tires.

It probably goes without saying but we’ll mention it anyway. Make sure your Harley-Davidson® motorcycle is up to date on all of its maintenance! It doesn’t do you any good to keep extensive records of the service history for your bike if you haven’t actually maintained it in the last year!

Take Some GOOD Pictures

It’s great to make sure your motorcycle is clean and the service records are maintained properly. The problem is that it won’t do you any good if the pictures of your bike are blurry and don’t do your iron steed any justice! Possible buyers don’t care how good your bike sounds on paper.

Seeing is believing, which is especially true when looking at buying a new motorcycle. Most people won’t even click on a bike listing if there’s no picture. You could be selling the greatest motorcycle ever made and they wouldn’t care. Mostly because they wouldn’t know! There are thousands of bikes being sold online at any given time, so you want to make sure that your bike is presented in the best way possible.

Highlight Unique Features

What makes your motorcycle so good? No, seriously! What have you done to modify or enhance your Harley-Davidson®? Have you added a sidecar or installed a bulletproof windscreen? These are the types of unique features people may be interested in, but they may go unnoticed if not clearly stated. Or you may have upgraded the engine or the muffler system, but how would the buyer know? Many potential buyers would never know you raised the value of the bike, and may incorrectly assume the motorcycle is priced higher for no good reason.

Adding extra features to the description of your listing will make the difference between a buyer being interested in your motorcycle or another listing. If your bike has custom modifications then make sure to specify that. Specifying that your Harley-Davidson® motorcycle has special modifications in the description makes it way more interesting. A few extra words can prompt potential buyers to reach out and see why your bike is unique.

The names are important. It’s great that you have a 1991 Harley-Davidson®. But what does that mean exactly? There were thirty different Harley-Davidson® models available in 1991! Do you have a Touring model? How about a Street model? Because of the multiple different models, saying “1991 Harley-Davidson®” becomes a little vague for the situation. Make sure to specify the exact model of motorcycle you have so online buyers know what kind of bike they’re looking at.

Sweeten the Deal (Give Them Old Gear)

Have any cool gear lying around collecting dust? Maybe you’ve outgrown that really nice riding jacket or your tastes has changed. This can be a great opportunity for you! As you know, riding gear is not cheap. Riders easily shell out several hundred dollars for the proper gear and still need a helmet! But odds are if you’ve been riding for a while then you may have acquired a nice collection of gear that’s just sitting in your garage.

Now it’s time to get rid of some of that gear! Adding an extra helmet and jacket to your listing is a great way to help tip the scale with future buyers in your direction. You know what they say, “One man’s junk is another man’s treasure.” Though, try to make sure it’s clean before future buyers check it out. No need for it to smell like dust, or worse, if you know you’re giving it away. You should take pictures of any items you’re giving away with the bike so they can be seen.

Now if you have something really valuable that you don’t want to just give away, there are other options. You can write in the description of the bike post that you also have an add-on accessory for sale if they choose to purchase your motorcycle. It’s like the undercoating option when you buy a new car. Do they need it? No. But do they want it? Absolutely! We recommend setting the price for the add-on reasonably cheaper than it’d normally cost. Remember, you are trying to sell a motorcycle, and the accessory is icing on the cake!

List Your Harley So It Can Be Seen Online

So this one may seem like a no brainer, but some bike owners make the mistake of not listing their bike online where the most people can see it. They often simply leave it somewhere with a “For Sale” sign and hope that the sun doesn’t ruin the leather or paint. This will often lead to bikes being left outside for weeks or even months! As you can guess, that’s not a good idea. The better option is to keep the motorcycle protected in the garage and list your Harley-Davidson® motorcycle on a site like ChopperExchange.

At this point you should have the necessary tools to make an effective motorcycle listing and impress future buyers. Remember, you want your bike to sell at the right price so you can put that money to use as quickly as possible, with as few headaches as possible! Now that you have our seven useful tips, you can sell your Harley on ChopperExchange. We look forward to you receiving the money you deserve for the motorcycle you’ve loved.

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