How To Make Your Listing Stand Out With A Video

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Over the last few months we’ve blogged about how to make your listing stand out with great photos, a detailed bike description, and a fair asking price. This month we’d like to focus on a FREE feature that we offer on that not as many people utilize. Therefore, this will offer you another chance to “one-up” other sellers on our website to help your bike get noticed. This blog post will teach you how to create and upload a video of your motorcycle.

The easiest, simplest way to add a video to your listing on is to record one using your cell phone’s “video” record option that can be found on the “camera” app on your phone. After the video is recorded, you can then directly email it to us at from your phone for us to upload to your listing for you.

Here are a few important things to include in the video recording:

  1. Start the video with the bike turned off. Then start it up, and let it idle.
  2. Walk completely around your bike, and move the camera close up to the engine and exhaust pipes.
  3. Include close-ups of any non-stock items that have been added on to your bike (ape hangers, passenger seat, saddlebags, LED lights, etc.).
  4. Show any damage that might have been done to the bike.
  5. Gently rev the engine, while the bike is parked, and make sure the sound of the engine and exhaust pipes can be heard clearly.
  6. While the bike is still running, show the odometer and other gauges that your bike might have.
  7. If your motorcycle has a stereo system, turn it on for the buyer to listen to the clear sound from the speakers.
  8. You can also record someone sitting on the motorcycle for a potential buyer to get a better feel of the height of the bike and sitting position.

Here is a great example of a bike video on one of the listings on found on


Below are screenshots of how people will be able to view your videos on your listing:

BikeVideo1 BikeVideo2

If you’re interested in listing your American V-Twin motorcycle for sale, please feel free to visit our website at and use the promo code CXBL20 for 20% off any listing option at checkout.

Feel free to call (800) 523-7274 or email with any questions.

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