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Riding season has just a few months left, which means selling season is also coming to a close. We have come up with a few tips on how to make the best of your listing on ChopperExchange. These tips are meant to make your bike stand out and get some serious buyer’s in your direction.

Tip #1: Quality Photos

We typically recommend that private sellers upload 5-10 photos. However, it is important to remember that quality is better than quantity when it comes to selling on the internet. While we are aware that not everyone is a photographer, remember to include the best angles and views of your bike possible.


  • Post a clear side view photo of your bike, showing off the pipes
  • Take your bike out to an area clear of debris or other distractions
  • Photograph all sides from a decent distance; does not have to be too close or too far


  • Post photos of your bike in a crowded shed or garage
  • Only upload one *blurry* photo
  • Take tons of pictures of every part on your bike. Remember, quality > quantity

Tip #2: Write a description to SELL

A biker knows their motorcycle like the back of their hand! While not everyone is excited about having to give up their favorite toy, writing a detailed description will ease the selling process. Here are some ideas on what to include in your description:

  • Was your bike garage/storage/shed kept?
  • Any accidents/drops?
  • First owner?
  • What are the extras, where are they from?
  • How often did you ride?
  • What is your reason for selling?
  • Any new parts? (Battery, tires?)
  • How often/When was the last service?

Tip #3: Set a competitive price

If you need an idea of what your bike is worth, we recommend checking out websites like Kelley Blue Book or NADA. In addition to researching these prices, you should also see what other people are selling their bikes for by completing a search for your same year/make/model on ChopperExchange. This will help ensure that you’re not selling yourself short, but are still offering a great price. If you’re willing to negotiate or take other offers or trades, make sure to say so in your description.

While most bikers have thousands of dollars of chrome and extras, it’s important to remember that your buyer may be buying the bike and renovating it to their style. Don’t give the bike away, but be mindful of how much you choose to increase your price due to extras.

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Feel free to call (800)-523-7274 or email with any questions.

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