Is Riding a Trike Different from Riding a Cruiser?

Four wheels move the body, and two-wheels move the soul. But, what about three?

If you’re considering switching from a cruiser to a trike, this post will help you make your decision.

Riding and handling a trike is quite different than a two-wheeler. And, if you make the switch, there may be some aspects of two-wheel riding that you’ll miss. 

However, the many benefits of riding a trike could make it worth your while. It all depends on your personal preferences. 

Continue reading below to see if a three-wheeler is right for you! 

1. Stability

Many riders make the switch from two-wheels to three for increased stability. 

Riding a trike requires less balance than a traditional motorcycle. For example, when stopping at red lights on a two-wheeler, you must balance the weight of the bike between your legs. 

For some riders, this puts too much pressure on their back, knees and legs. 

So, if you had to stop riding due to medical reasons, such as a bad back or knee injury, a trike may be a great way to get back out there.

Just make sure to consult with your doctor first to make sure this is the right option for you.

2. Comfort 

Many riders love trikes because they provide a more comfortable riding experience. 

A trike has a wider frame which means it can accommodate a larger seat. Plus, because trikes are commonly used for long-distance travel and road trips, their saddles are often designed with plush materials and feature heating technology. 

And, if you travel with a passenger, they’ll have an upgraded seat as well. Most trikes have a trunk and which makes the perfect spot for a built-in passenger seat with a full backrest. 

Riders also love a trike’s suspension. In many instances, trikes are luxury bikes with one additional wheel. Therefore, motorcycle manufacturers design trikes with high-performance suspension to make for the most comfortable and smooth riding experience.

3. Handling 

Three-wheeled motorcycles are built differently than two-wheelers, and therefore, require different handling. 

The body of a trike is wider, so it requires a wider stance. As a result, the way you position yourself on the road will be a bit different. 

Harley-Davidson recommends that you center yourself in the middle of the lane. This will give you adequate space for turning and cornering. 

Also, on a two-wheeler, you would push the handlebar in the direction of your turn. However, on a trike, you should pull the handlebar to turn. Harley also states that you can simply turn the front wheel in your desired direction, similar to riding an ATV.

Trikes also require more effort to steer. Harley further explains that when riding a two-wheeler, inertia will push you into the seat when you lean into the turn. Whereas on a trike, inertia will push you towards the outside of the turn. 

To master handling, it’s a good idea to take a training course. Harley-Davidson offers three-wheeled motorcycle courses taught by MSF and Harley-Davidson Riding Academy Certified Coaches.

In Conclusion

Now that you know some of the major differences between riding a cruiser and a trike, which will you choose? 

Let us know what trike model you’ve got your eyes on below! 

And, if you’ve realized a trike isn’t the right fit, check our post on how to find the best type of Harley for you for advice. 

4 comments on “Is Riding a Trike Different from Riding a Cruiser?”

  • Thank you very much for the information. I am recovering from back surgery. Sadly my full dresser is hard for me to ride and hard for my wife to get on. So when I am fully recovered I will be considering the purchase of a freewheeler. My one complaint is I don’t like this year’s colors on the freewheeler. Next year will you please make some in red .

  • I bought a brand new 2018 Tri-Glide after owning an Ultra, I quickly got rid of it quickly. Three wheels were not for me, I down graded to a 2020 Road King that I love, if I have to get away from a 2 wheeler, I will buy a classic car, never a tri-glide again or any other three wheeler

  • I’ve had a broken foot for 5 yrs. “Kaiser” so a trike was easier because you don’t have to put your feet down when you stop. my full dress Road King was heavy as hell. The only thing that gets me as everyone says your riding a tricycle. But once they drive it they want one. I drive straight to Sturges from San Diego and only stop for gas. “3 days”

  • It should be noted that in done states a different license is required when 3 wheeling. Washing state requires a different license for example and the cost can be pricey. Just a thought to keep in mind.

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