Top 14 Motorcycle Gifts for Bikers

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If you’re reading this, you’re probably looking for a gift for your favorite biker. If so, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re searching for a gift for your father/mother, son/daughter, spouse or best bud, we’ve got you covered.

The items on our list are perfect for holiday gift-giving. They are also great for any other special occasion such as birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, etc. 

We’ve included the most affordable gift items to the most extravagant. They’re ordered from least to most expensive.. Continue reading below to see the best gifts for bikers! 

1. A Small Branded Item

If you’re looking for a present that won’t break the bank, a small branded item will make a great gift or stocking stuffer. 

A Patch

A patch, with your friend/loved one’s favorite motorcycle company’s logo on it, is a great gift item. Patches also come in many other styles and varieties that your biker friend may like, such as the American flag, V-Twin engine, bald eagle, skull and crossbones, badass quotes and funny sayings.

Patches are also inexpensive. They cost about five to 25 dollars and are easy to find online on sites such as Amazon®. You can place the patch(es) in a card with a handwritten note of gratitude, love or appreciation. 

Your biker friend can apply them to their riding jacket, pants, shirts or any other clothing item. Think about Boy/Girl Scout vests, Army uniforms and letterman jackets. Patches make you feel honored and celebrated. What a perfect gift for someone you care about. 

A Mug 

Secondly, another great inexpensive gift item is a mug. They only cost about $10 to $30. A mug with your friend/loved one’s favorite motorcycle company’s logo makes a great practical gift. 

This is a gift they can use each and every day, especially if they are a coffee or tea aficionado. Simple, yet useful. And every time they use it, they’ll think of you. 

A Hat 

Similarly, a hat is another great gift item that is soft on the pockets. For example, the average Harley-Davidson® hat only costs about $15 to $35. And they have a wide range of styles to choose from, such as snapbacks, skull caps, baseball caps and knit beanies. 

Harley-Davidson also has a couple of other hat styles that are about $50 to $60 each, which are ivy/newsboy and aviator. 

2. Motorcycle Art 

Motorcycle art is a great gift for any biker who loves aesthetic items. And, motorcycle art is easy to find on the internet. For example, there is an abundance of affordable motorcycle art on Etsy®, a website for unique and creative goods. 

You could purchase a framed poster for as little as $10. Or, you could purchase art on canvas, anywhere from $25 to $600. 

Motorcycle print art is a great gift idea. A print is a reproduction of an original art piece. Your friend/loved one can display it in their home or in their office for everyone to admire. Some types of motorcycle prints your friend may love are: 

  • Their favorite motorcycle make and model 
  • A vintage motorcycle
  • A motorcycle blueprint
  • A V-twin engine
  • A patent diagram of a motorcycle or motorcycle engine 
  • A scenic motorcycle ride

3. T-Shirts

Of course, t-shirts are great gift items because they will surely be put to use. A t-shirt with a motorcycle company logo or motorcycle related graphic/text will make a great gift. T-shirts of this style cost about $10 to $50. 

If you’re unsure of your friend/loved one’s shirt size, you can take a peek at the tags of the shirts in their closet. Another option is to ask someone that lives with them to do the perusing for you. However, if detective work isn’t your forte, make sure that you get a gift receipt when you make your purchase. This way, if need be, they can exchange it for another size.

4. Statement Jewelry

If your friend/loved one likes to stand out from the crowd, a great gift item is statement jewelry. CX Club has a variety of unique pieces your friend is sure to love, such as skull rings, motorcycle chain bracelets and pendant necklaces. All wickedly badass.

Most items in the collection are made from stainless steel, making them durable and damage-resistant. Each item ranges from about $15 to $50 dollars, making it a stand out gift that doesn’t break the bank.

5. Gift Card

If you’re not sure what to get your friend/loved one, you can always go with a gift card. This way, they can get exactly what they want, when they want it. 

Gift cards are also great because you can determine the card amount based on exactly how much you would like to spend. 

6. Motorcycle LED Light Kit 

Another great gift item for your stand out friend/loved one is a motorcycle LED light kit. This gift item is sure to match their flashy persona. 

These lights come in a variety of colors and will add a wicked glow to the undercarriage of their motorcycle. Many LED light kits have adjustable settings/effects, such as brightness, strobing and fading. The average kit costs about $30 to $150. The more expensive kits often include multicolor lighting, automatic brake lights, adjustable lighting patterns and smartphone control. 

Another great thing about this gift is that it’s two gifts in one. The lights will need to be installed, which many people enjoy doing. So, if your friend/loved one loves building things, DIYs or being handy in general, this is a great bonus for them. And, don’t worry, LED lights are typically quite easy to install. 

You can also use this as an opportunity to hang out or spend some quality time together. Especially if you’re not a biker, showing them that you’re interested in the things they love will be the icing on the cake. 

7. Harley-Davidson® Fat Boy® LEGO® Model

Is your biker friend a kid at heart? Do they love puzzles, models and/or collector’s items? If so, the perfect gift for them is the LEGO Creator Expert Harley-Davidson Fat Boy Building Set

If you think this is a gift for kiddos, think again. It’s made of 1,023 pieces! No wonder LEGO recommends this item for those who are 16 years old and up. So, this item is not for children, but who doesn’t like feeling like a kid again? 

This model is a replica of the Harley-Davidson Fat Boy and was designed with great attention to detail. It has moving pistons, handlebar steering, moveable gear shift pedal and brake levers, spinning wheels and kickstand.

This set costs $99. It stands at seven inches high, is seven inches wide and is 12 inches long, making it a great display piece. And the display stand is included. 

This item is quite popular, earning 4.9 stars on the Harley Davidson website and 4.7 on the LEGO website. 

8. Helmet

What does any biker need more than a helmet? Getting your friend/loved one a helmet shows that you care about their style, as well as their safety. 

Motorcycle helmets come in many varieties, such as ½, open face, modular and full face. And they come in many styles, such as vintage, skull cap, bobber, graphic and pilot. 

Most motorcycle helmets are about $100 to $200 dollars. But, they can also go for as much as $700.

You may be thinking, “But, they already have a helmet.” True, but even if helmets do not appear damaged, it’s important that they are replaced routinely. 

It is recommended that you replace your helmet every two to five years. This is because throughout years of use the protective materials continue to degrade over time. Helmet technology is also constantly advancing, which is a great reason to replace them every year or so. 

9. Boots

Undoubtedly, riding boots are a great gift idea for someone who rides. They are functional, yet fashionable. 

Motorcycle boots protect riders from injury, offer foot support and provide traction. They also make a powerful fashion statement. 

Riding boots can have a variety of different features, such as reflectivity, oil resistance, slip resistance, water resistance and abrasion resistance. They also come in many different styles, such as athletic, buckle, combat, laceup and dress. 

Riding boots cost about $100 to $250 dollars depending on the material, brand and quality. 

10. Motorcycle Jacket

Certainly, a motorcycle jacket is a signature part of a biker’s wardrobe. It just may be the most iconic clothing item associated with the biker lifestyle. This makes it the perfect gift. 

Motorcycle jackets cost about $100 to $650. Features such as armored lining, water resistance, windproof technology, removable liners and thermal regulation call for a heftier price tag. 

There are many materials to choose from such as, leather, sherpa, nylon, mesh, fleece and denim. Make sure the material you choose is suited for the season in which you plan to give your gift. If you’re not sure what kind to pick, you can’t go wrong with a classic leather. 

11. Adventure 

Many bikers are thrill seekers and adventure lovers. If your biker friend isn’t into presents, take them on a trip. You can take them on a scenic ride through the city or natural attraction. 

Harley-Davison has ride planner on their website in which you can view their suggested rides or create your own, then share them with your friends. This tool is also available on the Harley-Davidson mobile app. 

This feature provides you with the weather forecast, directions, mileage and estimated travel time for your ride. It even highlights events, scenic spots, gas stations, restaurants, hotels and dealerships you can find en route and at the final destination. 

When you arrive at your end location, treat your friend/loved one to something special. For example, you can:

  • Take them to their favorite restaurant.
  • Hang out at the local bar.
  • Relax at a beach, lake or nature reserve.
  • Take them to a bike/car show.
  • Participate in a motorcycle rally.
  • Take them on a fishing trip.
  • Have a camping or hiking adventure.
  • Take them to a sporting event.

If your gift is for that special someone, turn it into a romantic date. If it’s for your best bud, get all your friends together and make it a group outing or celebration. 

12. Action Camera

Another great gift that’s fit for a motorcycle rider is an action camera, such as the GoPro®. Your biker friend/loved one can mount an action camera to their bike to record footage of their rides. 

Many people enjoy watching and sharing riding footage of twists and turns on the open road with majestic scenery. After all, who wouldn’t want to relive those beautiful memories? 

GoPro, currently, has four different models of action cameras, each with different specs and features, ranging from $200 to $500. 

Some of these features are horizontal leveling, panoramic photos, 360-degree videos, water resistance, live streaming, touch screen and voice control. They even have a tool on their website in which you can compare each model side by side. 

13. Saddlebags

A pair of saddlebags is another gift perfect for bikers. If your friend/loved one just recently purchased a motorcycle, you can gift them with their first pair of saddlebags. Or, if your friend is a seasoned rider, you may notice that their saddlebags are developing wear and tear. I bet they’d love it if you gifted them with new ones. 

Saddlebags range from about $200 to $1,000, come in a variety of mounting styles, such as detachable, rigid and throw-over and are made from different materials, such as leather, synthetic leather and plastic. 

14. Motorcycle

The final gift on our list, and ultimate gift for any biker, is a motorcycle! This is the perfect gift for someone you are very close to, especially if you know the exact make and model they’ve been coveting. 

Motorcycles typically cost between $10,000 and $30,000. A large ticket item like this is sure to put a smile on your favorite biker’s face. 

If you want to gift a bike without breaking the bank, purchasing a motorcycle that is “new to you” is a great idea. For tips, check out our blog post on how to buy a motorcycle online

In Conclusion 

When it comes to getting a biker a gift, there’s a wide variety of items for any budget. Don’t overthink the perfect gift. Remember, the best gift is one that comes from the heart. 

What kind of gift do you plan to get your biker friend/loved one? Is it for this holiday season or a special occasion? Let us know in the comments below! 

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