Racing 1 Helmet Lock Review

Racing 1 Helmet Lock Review

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Unless you ride a bagger, storage on a motorcycle can be a little tricky. This is especially true when you have to find a way to securely store larger (and possibly more expensive) possessions.

One of the most essential must-haves for any ride is your helmet. If you park your bike and don’t want to carry it around the whole time, you have no choice but to leave it on your motorcycle. If carrying your helmet around isn’t an option, you’re going to want something to lock down your gear.

That’s where having a helmet lock can really save the day. With a quality lock, you’ll never worry about the safety of your helmet again. Locking your gear affords you some peace of mind knowing your gear is safe while you’re away from your bike.
The Racing 1 Motorcycle Helmet Lock from Precision Works Racing 1 can be the answer to this situation. This lock features up to six feet of steel cable and a steel combination carabiner to properly secure your motorcycle.

Features Include:

Easy To Set Combination Lock

The three digit combination locking mechanism provides keyless convenience with a self-coiling feature for easy transportation. Bring it with you anywhere. The coil makes it easy to roll up and tuck away when it’s not in use.

Helmet Combination Lock

The cable consists of ultra-strong steel braided line coated in PVC for weather resistance, scratch protection, and durability. Regardless of the weather situation, your lock will be protected and safe.

Resettable Combination Lock

One of the benefits of having a combo lock is that you won’t have to worry about a key. With over 999 possible combinations, you are good to go in terms of security.

Helmet Lock Combination Instructions


Ideal for motorcycles, motorbikes, bicycles, skateboards, gates & fences, grills and lawnmowers, sports equipment, tool boxes and ladders. Whatever you need to secure, this lock should be enough to get it done.

Good Performance Cable

Flexible steel cables for strong cut resistance and PVC coating helps prevent scratching and weather resistance while providing ultra durability.

The steel cable lining the cord provides extra security and thief resistance. The steel ensures that a potential thief won’t be able to simply cut the cord and run away with your stuff.


Large enough to fit around your bike and secure whatever you need. However, the coil is enough to make it easy to store and easy to carry around. The lock measures 6 feet (1.8m) long with vinyl shell surrounding it.

Helmet Combination Lock

Not Just For Helmets

This lock is not exclusive to securing your helmets. If you have other pieces of gear like riding jackets, you can use this lock to secure them as well. This lock can be a lifesaver in situations where you need to take off some of your gear and go about your business.

Our Final Verdict

This stretching combination lock is a solid option for added security, especially for the price. When you are in a hurry, it helps to know that your things are going to be looked after. It’s not the best lock money can buy, but it’s enough to be effective and serve as a theft deterrent.

Get your hands on the Racing 1 Helmet Lock, and have some peace of mind when you’re away from your bike.  

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