Motorcycle Phone Mount Review

Motorcycle Phone Mount Review

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Most people these days don’t leave the house without their phone. Motorcycle riders are no exception. However, when you’re out on the road, storage space is a premium. There’s no passenger seat or cupholder to throw your phone into when you’re on a motorcycle.

So if you don’t want your phone in your pocket or bag, you’re going to need a way to safely secure it to your bike. 

That’s where a phone mount comes in handy. There are plenty to choose from, but we recommend the Motorcycle Phone Mount from Caw.Car. We bought it, tried it out, and we think it is quickly going to become a must-have for your motorcycle. 

Whether you’re looking to use your phone’s GPS or you have a sweet playlist that you want to be able to access, you’ll be good to go with this phone mount while you’re spending quality time with your bike!

A Universal Fit

No matter what you’re packing, chances are it’s going to fit into the phone mount just fine. Even if you have a heavy-duty case, there is room for it. The holder fits any device up to 3.7″ wide and fits all handlebars from 0.6″ to 1.3″ in diameter. 

Conveniently, it doesn’t require any tools to install it on your bike! It’s super easy to install and can be removed whenever you want. 

Adjustable 360° Rotation Grip 

The mount makes it easy to adjust to almost any position. However you want to position it, the 360 rotation makes it easy. Thanks to the rubberized ball and bracket design, you can position the mount to virtually any angle without the fear of losing your phone. 

Extra Secure & Shock Absorbing

Of course, the biggest worry people have when using phone mounts on their bikes is stability. Nobody wants to lose a phone. Thankfully, mounts like this one come with a rubberized clip as well as heavy-duty silicone belt grips. 

This makes sure that the device fits on the handlebars firmly and securely. The band wraps around four corners of cellphone of pretty much any size. The metallic bar clamps hard onto the handlebars to ensure that your phone is going to stay put throughout the entirety of your ride. 

Full Access To Your Phone

The primary reason for getting a phone mount in the first place is so you can have access to your device while riding. With this particular mount, you can easily access your phone while still keeping a firm grip on the handlebars.No one likes a distracted driver. 

Now, you can keep your eyes on the road where they belong! 

Your Ultimate Motorcycle Accessory 

Whatever you use it for, this phone mount is sure to keep your device secure and your hands free to steer the bike. No matter what you ride or the phone you use, the Caw.Car Phone Mount is one of the most useful motorcycle accessories on the market today. Try it out and you’ll instantly see what we mean!

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