Motorcycle Awareness Month

Every year in May, the Department of Motor Vehicles and riders through the US band together and recognize Motorcycle Awareness Month. It’s an important time to educate all motorists to watch out for motorcycles as well as encourage motorcyclists to be cautious on the road.

While we are aware that safety isn’t always synonymous with style, choosing between protecting your noggin and avoiding helmet hair is a no-brainer. “Motorcyclists are 35 times more likely to experience a deadly accident on the road than those in passenger cars.” (U.S. Department of Transportation) Proper motorcycle safety gear can save your life in an accident, so it is critical to pick out the right wear.

Below is our favorite pieces of gear to get you rider-ready and stay protected:

  • Biker’s Dream Apparel Ladies Racing Jacket – Made from Top Grade cowhide leather and equipped with multiple pockets inside and out, a proper leather jacket is whatever woman needs while she rides.
Biker’s Dream Apparel ($119.98)
  • Allstate Leather Men’s Basic Motorcycle Jacket – Made of premium buffalo leather and equipped with more pockets than you can fill, this durable leather jacket also has removable zip out lining and half belt to adjust to your comfort and size.
Allstate Leather Men’s Basic Motorcycle Jacket ($149.99)
  • Harley-Davidson Packable Rain Suit – While riding across states, it is smart to pack for any weather. This classic style packable rainsuit is flexible for the ride and made of waterproof nylon. It is helmet-friendly allowing you to adjust to your size and shape and equipped with heat-resistant shields on the inner legs. Genius.

    Harley-Davidson Women’s Classica Packable Rain Suit

  • Harley-Davidson Ride Ready Fingerless Gloves – If you’re a long distance rider, then you know gloves are essential to comfort. These gloves are made of genuine leather and padded to reduce riding fatigue while finger-less to allow optimal use of your fingers in tricky times.

    Harley-Davidson Men’s Ride Ready Fingerless Leather Gloves

  • Biker’s Dream Apparel D.O.T Motorcycle Helmet – DOT Approved and with a flat black shell and shiny flames to keep your head still looking good and protected.
    Biker’s Dream Apparel D.O.T. Motorcycle Helmet ($59.99)

    Wearing the right gear is essential to enjoying a long ride with confidence. Be sure to tell your friends that May is Motorcycle Awareness Month and there are many ways to learn how to avoid a fatal accident. Ride safe!


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