Who are the Women that Ride?

We Are Women, Hear Us Rev.

It is no doubt the number of female riders has grown substantially over the years, with females being the fastest growing group within the motorcycle population, but we want to know who these women are and what motivated them to take control of the road? Can they be grouped into a broad category of rebellious, single women too independent to ride passenger behind a man? Are they tattooed up, rockin’ black from head to toe, mean mugging every person they encounter? No. They’re bikers, not gangsters.

We asked our female Facebook followers what is their story behind the bars and how they fit riding into a workweek. While we can’t sum up all the biker women out there, we do know three things: they’re passionate, patient, and empowered.

At some point, these women identified motorcycling as a true love and never gave up on the dream of owning their freedom. They took riding and safety courses, mingled with other bikers, and hunted for their first motorcycle. However, with full-time jobs, kids and other obligations, sometimes riding has to be put on the back burner as Teri Downes explained, “When my kids are all out of the house, then I will ride more. And you know what? My bikes will patiently wait for me in there [because] they know I love them!”

Many women have also been inspired by their late husbands who lovingly traveled thousands of miles with their wives instilling a passion and an everlasting spirit for the open road. Whether a single mom of three kids, full-time professional or a woman who just can’t catch a break, riding has empowered them to be strong and vigorous, while providing peace of mind (for the time being).

Meet the women who ride.

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