Gift Shopping for Bikers

Holidays and birthdays arrive too quickly. You don’t want to gift your friend something boring. We’ve assembled our gift ideas, so we can help you find the perfect biker gift for the special occasion. You should ask yourself “can they use it?” You want your gift to be something bikers will like and make use of. Novelty gifts are great, but they always end up shoved in a drawer or the garbage. Get your biker friend something they can use and cherish. This will guarantee that it’s a gift that’ll have them thinking of you everytime they see it.

Motorcycle Jacket

If you’ve ridden motorcycles for any amount of time, you know how cold the roads can get. This makes motorcycle jackets essential for riding. While motorcycle jackets keep you warm on the road, they’re also specifically designed to keep you in one piece during a crash. If you’re considering a jacket as a gift, keep in mind it needs to keep them relatively safe if they wreck. A leather motorcycle jacket should be at least 1.1mm thick to mitigate injury. Live in a state with a real winter? Consider purchasing a heavy duty jacket to keep the cold from creeping in during cold months. You need to focus on functionality. A proper jacket will save your friend from injury in the future.

Travel Bags

Saddlebags are an important part of any biker’s gear, they’re easily customizable, so this will be something special for the holidays. Keep in mind, you want to see your gift being used and not left in the garage. Check out their current saddlebags. You should be able to tell if they need to be replaced. Saddlebags will last for years if properly maintained. Make sure the bags you find are in a style they’ll like and want to own.

Biker Cloth

Don’t want to spend a ridiculous amount of money on a gift, but want to get your friend something cool and unique?  Biker Cloth is a new biker apparel site with great designs.  The shirts offer a great look, and the fabrics are made with high quality material to keep you comfortable everytime you wear one.  Bikers will appreciate the look and feel of these shirts.

Camping Gear

A nice set of camping gear is important for any biker that enjoys taking off for the weekend. You can always fit camping gear in your budget! You have the option to get something small like a good flashlight or something more expensive like a quality tent.


The most important piece of motorcycle gear is the helmet, but they usually go bad after five years. This creates a great gift opportunity. There are great helmet options on the market. The helmet should be certified with the Department of Transportation. These will be labeled with a “DOT” sticker to show they’re acceptable based on the current safety standards. We recommend the Icon Airmada Helmet. It has a sleek design and won’t break the bank. Figure out, stealthily, the helmet size of the biker. A helmet that’s too big or small can be just as harmful as it is helpful. A helmet should fit snug and not have taken any major blows. Damage to a helmet before the wreck can ruin the helmet, and this can very easily cause permanent injury during an accident that any biker would like to avoid.


Many new bikers don’t realize how important it is to wear boots made for motorcycling. Shoes that aren’t designed for a crash will shred and leave you without any protection from the pavement. This can lead to painful road rash that could’ve been avoided. Boots make a great gift that some bikers may not already own. They deliver the stand-out style of the motorcyclist, but more importantly they keep feet safe during a wreck


There are several amazing tools and gadgets that were created to make motorcycle riding high tech. You never know when a handy tool could make life easier. Get a gift that fits with your biker’s personality. Do they like electronics? Get a portable solar charger! Do they like keeping in contact with their friends on the road? Get a bluetooth intercom system. Another great gift is the GoPro Hero 5 Session, so they can record their long rides and great times.

Whatever you choose to get your biker for the holidays, keep in mind that it’s the thought that counts. Focus on something that’s meaningful to them. Even if it’s not a customized saddlebag or a motorcycle, they’ll be happy to know you listened to their needs and went out to find the gift they wanted. Make sure to set a budget. Biker gear can get expensive! Check out several sites before making a big purchase, and enjoy your gift shopping experience by finding the perfect gift for your biker.

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