Learn to Ride and Ride Better

While most of us are ready to hop on at the slightest sight of sun, there’s still plenty of time left to make 2013’s Riding Season the ride of a lifetime. Whether you’re an experienced road veteran or a beginning rider, select Harley-Davidson dealerships are offering riding courses for all levels. Beginners are welcome to Rider’s Edge New Rider courses presented by HD’s Academy of Motorcycling, where experts will introduce you to motorcycle safety, basic skills, and a motorcycle to practice on.

Set a Course for Freedom
Set a Course for Freedom

Experienced riders can enhance their skills with Rider’s Edge Skilled Rider courses and take 1-2 days to learn advanced tips and techniques that help you take control of the road.

Harley-Davidson’s Academy of Motorcycling also offers a Guide to Group Riding, a self study course, Motorcycle Boot Camp for those ready to saddle up and get on the road asap, and Garage Party events for women who are ready to discover their own life on a motorcycle.

No matter what skill level, riding courses can empower you to feel confident on the long road alone and gain knowledge before attempting those risky corners at high speeds. “Even the best can get better.”


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6 comments on “Learn to Ride and Ride Better”

  • As far of the riding curriculum the Riders Edge classes are identical to any other MSF class. They just add several more hours of “I love Harley” into the class, giving you ample opportunity to buy their products. Also you get to ride the terrible Buell Blasts and pay more (in our state its $100 more than the same MSF course)

    • These classes are great for building on riding skills and also identifying what it is you’re doing wrong in the first place. Glad you’re still okay after those three accidents though!

  • This is useful info for everyone. Though i had been riding since i was young i decide3d to take a Riders edge course and found it very informative and helpful.
    I took my class at Javalina Harley Davidson in Boerne TX. However (listen up guys) i paid as a surprise to a close female friend for her coarse at Caliente
    H-D in San Antonio TX because they had a discount tuition for ladies and they also have ladies only classes. She didnt want to attend coed classes because she didnt feel comfortable. Her dream was always to get offf the back and ride her own and now she does. Check your local dealerships ladies and see if they offer these ladies only classes and if they dont then make a strong suggestion. Also never let anyone keep you from your dream. For the fellows this makes a great gift showing your lady that you care for them to ride and ride safe

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