Catering to a Powerful Market: How Motorcycle Dealerships Can Embrace and Empower Women Riders

The motorcycle industry has experienced a significant shift in demographics, with women riders emerging as a vital segment in the market. As a motorcycle dealership, it’s crucial to recognize the growing importance of this group of riders and adapt your strategies to cater to their unique needs. 

Let’s explore how your dealership can engage with and empower women riders, ultimately winning their loyalty and boosting your sales.

The Rise of Women Riders in the Motorcycle Industry

The number of female motorcycle riders has been steadily increasing, with the Motorcycle Industry Council reporting that 19% of riders are now women. This growth has caught the attention of industry leaders like Harley-Davidson® and presents a unique opportunity for motorcycle dealerships to cater to this influential group of consumers.

Strategies to Win Over Women Riders

Engage on Pinterest with Women-Centric Boards

Create a Pinterest board showcasing the latest apparel and accessories available at your dealership for female riders. Invite your women rider customers to follow your board and regularly update it with new items and prices to attract more followers, drive traffic to your site, and ultimately boost your motorcycle sales.

Utilize Facebook to Host Exclusive Events for Women Riders

Use Facebook to create exclusive events for women riders who like your dealership’s page. Invite them to visit your dealership and participate in these events. After each event, create photo albums showcasing the fun and camaraderie, encouraging other female riders to join future gatherings.

Organize Women-Only Rallies and Rides

Foster a strong sense of community and friendship by organizing women-only rallies and rides. These events not only create mutually rewarding experiences but also help build lasting bonds with your female rider customer base. Consider organizing monthly rides that support local or national charities, encouraging experienced riders to mentor and support new female riders.

Unlock the Potential of the Women Rider Market

By focusing on the growing market of women riders, your dealership can build strong relationships with this influential group and tap into their potential as loyal brand ambassadors

Remember to keep your marketing and events inclusive and supportive to ensure the continued growth and success of your dealership in the women rider market.

Target Your Live Inventory to a Broader Audience, Including Women Riders

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