2013 Ultimate Builder Competition

Hosted by the Progressive International Motorcycle Show, the Ultimate Builder Custom Bike Show is the foremost custom build competition with the largest prize offering on the planet. November 2, 2012 marked the launch of the third annual custom builder competition with its first stop in Atlanta, GA and sponsored by J&P Cycles; since then, the Progressive International Motorcycle Show has held events in major cities across the US including Dallas, Long Beach, NYC, Indianapolis, and Chicago. The Bike Show allows builders to enter their custom motorcycles into one of five competition classes – Freestyle, Modified Harley, Performance Custom, Retro Modified and Modified Street – and travel to compete in multiple cities.

“The popularity of this competition continues to grow, allowing attendees an up-close look at more than 500 amazing custom motorcycles in cities nationwide,” said Tigra Tsujikawa, brand director for the shows, which are produced by Advanstar, that parent company of Dealernews. According to J&PCycles, “for the participating builders, this competition provides national exposure and a chance to share their artistic inspiration with enthusiasts while competing for top prize money.”

On Feb 15-17, the International Motorcycle Show made its second to last stop in Indianapolis, IN at an event partners with Dealer Expo which is hosted by Dealernews. Contestants and winners from Chicago, Cleveland, Dallas, Detroit, and Atlanta made an appearance to compete with local builders from Indianapolis. Winners were chosen from a pool of 54 custom motorcycles competing for $26,000 in cash and prizes. Below are the winners for each competition class and their details.

  1. Freestyle 

    'Speedmetal' - Kyle Shorey of Shadetree Fabrications
    ‘Speedmetal’ – Kyle Shorey of Shadetree Fabrications. ‘Speedmetal’ also took the top prize in shows entered in Atlanta, Dallas and Chicago.

  2. Modified Harley

    2001 Harley Davidson Sportster - Adam Karns of Karns Kustoms, Delmar, MD
    2001 Harley Davidson Sportster – Adam Karns of Karns Kustoms. Paint by John Dunning.

  3. Performance Custom

    2009 Hayabusa 'Boosted Ego' - Breaklite Motorsports, Peabody, MA
    2009 Hayabusa ‘Boosted Ego’ – Jonathon “Snax” Grigas of Breaklite Motorsports. Paint by Bunz Designs.

  4. Retro Modified

    2012 YZF-R6 'Street Angel' - Nicole Kelleher of Breaklite Motorsports
    1981 Harley-Davidson FXW ‘Dead at 19’ – Will Ramsey of Faith Forgotten Choppers. Paid by Brian and Emeric Howell of RGW and striping by Danny Taylor.

  5. Modified Street

    Modified Street
    2010 YZF-R6 ‘Street Angel’ – Nicole Kelleher of Breaklite Motorsports. Paint by US Customz

For more information on the Ultimate Builder Competition Indianapolis results, please visit MotorycleUSA.com

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