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  • Word of Mouth Marketing = Handshakes + Proactive Social Media Posts (0)

    As more and more motorcycle dealers are being acquired by large companies with a strong focus on the revenue and market share, the competition in the motorcycle market is becoming fiercer by the minute. Dealers now have to perform better and carefully watch their bottom line more than ever before. Huge parts of this fiercer approach to business are customer service and repeat business.

    While word of mouth marketing is still considered the most powerful form of marketing, dealers now have consider the fact that it has changed over the recent years. Word of mouth no longer includes face-to-face conversations and handshakes, but also text messages and other personalized communication exchanged between the dealership and its customers. It is no longer enough just to focus on “old school” communication and hope that customers will innately spread “good words” about your business.

    Instead, motorcycle dealers are now expected to have face-to-face conversations and shake hands with their customer, and also continue the conversation via e-mail, text messages and social media interactions.  More importantly, motorcycle dealers can no longer expect customers to spread the “good word” about their business because today’s customers suffer from social media fatigue. They simply have too many options and in the end may not end up sharing all of their positive experiences. As a result, dealers have to do a lot of word of mouth marketing themselves, if they really wish to increase repeat business and beat their competition.

    Some of the best ways for dealers to spread good words about their establishments are posts on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. All three of these social media platforms are great for sharing personal and unique stories, such customer bike purchases and other happenings at the dealerships. Such posts are even more powerful when the mentioned individuals are tagged.

    With the next year just around the corner, this is the perfect time to try a new approach to word of mouth marketing and customer retention. Happy 2015!

  • Promote Your Events and Specials for FREE on Facebook and BikerOrNot! (0)

    The winter holidays are on our doorsteps. Businesses are scrambling to promote all the amazing deals they are offering and store events they are hosting, and attract as many shoppers as possible for as little money as possible. This includes both brick-and-mortar and online establishments. The race is now on to finish the current year by beating last year’s sales record and comfortably cruising into the new year.

    Since every business, including motorcycle dealerships, has a set marketing budget for the holiday season, ChopperExchange is offering the following advertising freebies to our member dealers: FREE promotional posts on our Facebook Page and $500/month in Bucks that can be used to invite local riders to events.

    FREE Facebook Promotional Posts

    With more than 600,000 American V-twin enthusiast followers, the Facebook Page is a great place to promote your upcoming events and specials. Each post includes a detailed description, large image, and links. The post can be for an upcoming event or promotional offer. There is a limit of two (2) posts per dealer per month.











    $500 in BON Bucks to Spend on (BON) is a social network of more than 500,000 motorcycle enthusiasts and it is also owned by our parents company, Marco Polo Publications. To help our member dealers promote store events and increase foot traffic, we are offering dealers who have an active ChopperExchange account $500 per month in BON Bucks to use toward event invitations on BikerOrNot. A direct link to this offer is available in the ChopperExchange dealer account admin. We are also available to offer assistance with the BikerOrNot account set-up, event creation, and sending invitations.

    For additional information, please contact us at 1-800-523-7274 or

    We wish you a wonderful holiday season.

  • How Good is Your Customer Support? (0)

    According to ResponseTap, 64% of consumers experience some level of frustration when companies only offer online customer support. This is hugely important given the fact that those who shop online also tend to voice their frustrations on social media and review websites, which can negatively affect a business’ reputation.

    Given the current consumer credit strains and decline in sales, motorcycle dealers cannot afford to sacrifice any customers because of poor customer support. According to an an article published in DealerNews September 2014 issue, only two in 10 customers are approved for a vehicle loan. This means that there is no longer a sea of customers waiting to buy motorcycles like 10 years ago. Those days are gone.

    To provide excellent or exceptional customer support, motorcycle dealers must be available online, in person, via telephone, on social media, and any other communication platform preferred by the consumers. Also, customer support should be available after regular business hours.

    What to online  customers want-


  • How to Sell to Your Existing Customers on Facebook (0)

    As most motorcycle dealers across the nation, you probably have a substantial list of individuals who have purchased from or visited your dealership in the past; your customers. This is a sacred list. It is essentially a gold mine of future sales.

    What if we tell you that you can utilize your current customer list to create super targeted Facebook Newsfeed ad campaigns with offerings just for individuals who have a relationship with your dealership? If that is not tempting enough, Facebook also allows advertisers to create “lookalike” audiences that are similar to their current customer base. This is great from advertisers who are interested in acquiring new customers.

    Facebook Newsfeed ads then show in the target audiences’ Newsfeed on desktops and mobile devices. The ads are large and can contain a good amount of text. Each ad is also accompanied by a website link of the advertiser’s choice.

    Below are two examples of Facebook Newsfeed ads. Ads similar to this can be created and shown just to individuals on your current customer list and/or a lookalike audience.

    facebook dealer ad

    facebook dealer ad 2

    Feel free to contact us at, if you are interested in learning more about custom audience advertising on Facebook. We are always happy to help.

  • Do You Know Who Your Most Valuable Customers Are? (0)
    Photo Taken By Andrei Medvedev /

    Photo Taken By Andrei Medvedev /

    According to Harley-Davidson, motorcycle dealers spend between $300 and $400 in advertising per walk-in customer. While this is a sizable investment, most dealers continue to struggle with customer relationship, sales leads and sales staff performance management.

    For example, a lot of motorcycle dealers still use paper records of customer traffic and sales, which is a serious impediment to robust customer relationship management, sales and overall operations. What is even more concerning that a lot of dealers do not even know the true value of their customers. To take this even further, a lot of dealers do not know who their most valuable customers are.

    Motorcycle dealers who have realized how important it is to know who their most valuable customers are have also realized that the amount of money that customers spend is no longer the most important attribute that defines the value of their customers. Instead, such dealers focus on customers’ influence in their social circles, engagement with the brand, and advocacy on behalf of the brand.

    Dealers now have the ability to see who responds to their marketing messages, which allows them to segment and more accurately value their customers. At the heart of this are trust and customer data, which can be gathered via:

    1. Relationship building
    2. Content personalization
    3. Smart engagement
    4. Predictive analytics

    The bottom line is that people do not buy from companies, they buy from people. For people to trust a brand/company, they must feel valued and understood. For brands/companies to value and understand people, they must take the time to carefully collect and study data about their customers. Companies must know the true value of their customers, and furthermore determine which customers are the most valuable. This allows companies to appropriately tailor their marketing efforts to meet each customer’s needs and maximize the bottom line.

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