CX Motorcycle Stories: 2018 Harley-Davidson® Road Glide® Special

2018 Harley-Davidson Road Glide Special

This week, a very special (and beautiful) 2018 Road Glide Special was listed for sale on our website. She was listed by one of our private sellers from Venice, Florida.

We thought that it’s very fitting to highlight this beauty as the very first feature in our brand-new CX Motorcycle Stories. The main focus of CX Motorcycle Stories is to showcase and give you a deeper look into some of the most unique and beautiful motorcycles listed for sale on our website.

Below is our ten-question Q&A with the seller of this beauty:

1.) Does your motorcycle have a name? If yes, what is it and what is the meaning behind it?
Her name is Babygurl… she was named that once I read the Joker use to call Harley Quinn that. She is so beautiful I felt the name was perfect and she became my Babygurl…

2.) What makes your motorcycle unique?
The quality and care that has gone into her. She is spoiled and she sounds it to. She purrs like a kitten, she rides like she is on air, and has never complained anywhere we have gone. Not many women get a “complete” make over but she did. I have pampered her and shown her love to the best of my ability. She in turn has taken me on adventures I will never forget.

3.) What is your favorite feature on your motorcycle?
My favorite feature on my bike is my sound system. I am a music lover and the sound system I have installed would be a favorite to any music lover out there. Crisp, clear, and can be heard over her pipes.

4.) What is the longest ride you’ve done with this motorcycle?
Not as long as I have wanted but I went to St Augustine with her for the Christmas lights for a weekend.

5.) What is your favorite memory of your motorcycle?
My favorite memory is the day I got her. I didn’t want her at first. I would not get on her for a trial ride. I was talked into it by the sales rep and my boyfriend. I ended up taking off with her for about 30 minutes because I fell in love with her. I shocked everyone by taking off but when I returned I was ready to sign the papers.

6.) What do you think is the biggest misconception about your motorcycle?
The biggest misconception is that a female created her, owns her, and rides her all by her little self.

7.) Why are you selling your motorcycle?
I am selling her with a heavy heart because my daughter has asked me to go to 3-wheels. My daughter out of love feels what she feels and I respect that enough to do as she ask. I want her new owner to love and care for her as much as I do.

8.) What type of rider would be an ideal owner for your motorcycle?
A touring rider. Someone who likes to take trips. She loves the long rides. She has a full GPS system and as I said is my favorite a sound system to enjoy the ride.

9.) What advice do you have for the future owner?
Pamper her… She is spoiled. You spoil her she will take care of you. I have never had any problems with her. Keep her maintenance up, bathe her often, and ride her frequently.

10.) What else would you like us to know about your motorcycle?
She is completely custom. I decided during Covid that since I didn’t have a place to ride to I would take the opportunity to customize her. She has been customized since 2019 and everything on her is just like new. I know everyone has their own choices of customization but I hope that what I have done can be appreciated and enjoy for male or female…

If Babygurl sounds like a perfect ride for you, don’t let her get away. Run on over to her full listing and get in touch with the seller before someone else does.

More photos of Babygurl:

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