3 Marketing MUST DOs for 2014

This is the time of the year when it is nearing its end, holiday shopping season is on its last week, and marketing professionals are planning for 2014. This brings us to the big question; what will 2014 look like in terms of companies’ marketing efforts?

Take a look at this photo, as prepared by Pew Research Center and Deloitte in March 2013, and let your mind make some assumptions:

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If you assumed that marketing is going to be even more social and mobile in 2014, you are spot on. More specifically, consumers are expected to use mobile devices, such as tablet and smartphone to consume online content and make purchases, a lot more in 2014 than during any previous year.

To succeed in 2014, every business must do the following three (3) things:

  1. Invest in social media ads in an effort to capture consumers’ attention while they are checking their personal accounts from their mobile devices.
  2. Create a mobile website to make sure that customers can easily view their products/services and make purchases from a tablet or smartphone.
  3. Genuinely engage with customers via social media websites in an effort to forge long-term, meaningful relationships that will weather any market storm.

If you have any questions about getting ready for 2014, feel free contact me at mirela@chopperexchange.com. I will gladly answer any questions.

Happy 2014!

Escrow: Safest Way to Accept and Send Online Payments

If you’re thinking about buying or selling a motorcycles out-of-state, but aren’t sure how to go about the payment process, think about using a third-party escrow service like Escrow.com. Escrow.com reduces the risk of fraud by collecting, holding and only dispersing funds when both the Buyer and the Seller are satisfied.

Seller Benefits:

  • Escrow.com tracks the shipped merchandise and verifies it was delivered.
  • The Seller isn’t paid until the Buyer accepts the merchandise, or the inspection period expires.

Buyer Benefits:

  • Escrow.com confirms when the Buyer receives merchandise.
  • The Seller is authorized to ship only after Escrow.com verifies good funds.


Escrow service fees can range anywhere from 0.89% to 3.25% depending on the value of the purchased item(s). The fee can either be paid by the buyer or seller, or split between both parties. You can calculate the fee amount by using Escrow.com ‘s fee calculator.

  • As an example, if you were looking to buy a $12,000 motorcycle and wanted to use Escrow.com, your Escrow.com service fee would be $180.70. The fee can be paid by you, the seller, or split 50/50.

Third-party services like Escrow.com are a trusted way to feel more secure about buying and selling online, especially in case of big ticket items, such as motorcycles. They help you feel more assured that you’re not going to get ripped off or fall victim to a scam artist. If you’ve been looking to buy or sell your motorcycle, but were hesitant because of the payment options, then Escrow.com is the best way to go.

You can learn more about the services and security that Escrow.com provides on their website => https://escrow.com.

Have a Metric Bike for Sale?

cycle crunchWe are happy to announce that our parent company, Marco Polo Publications, Inc., has fully launched a classifieds website for all motorcycle makes, CycleCrunch.com.

Our American V-twin customers and dealers can now list their new and pre-owned metric motorcycles on CycleCrunch.

Private sellers can use promo code CXBL20 to receive 20% OFF any listing on CycleCrunch. Just visit the Sell Your Bike Page and get started. It is fast and easy.

Motorcycle dealers can get more information by visiting the Dealer Account Page.

Fraud Awareness Tips: Protect Yourself When Selling Online

One of the unfortunate downsides to online selling is the risk of someone trying to scam you. Online scammers are relentless in their efforts to find online classifieds users’ phone numbers and e-mail addresses. They then use text and e-mail messages to lure unsuspecting sellers into various Internet scams.

Listed below are common practices these scammers use:

  • They will probably start communication with the seller via text message or email. They’ll also claim to have some type of job that doesn’t allow them much phone accessibility (offshore oil-drilling, military, etc.). => This should be an immediate red flag to the seller. Anyone who doesn’t want to speak to you in person or on the telephone is probably up to something shady.
  • They’ll tell you they prefer to give you the payment via PayPal and will then ask for your PayPal email address. They’ll then email you a fake PayPal confirmation email saying that their payment was transferred into your bank account. => Although PayPal is a secure payment method, you should always call PayPal to confirm any transactions before you proceed, especially if you are suspicious that the buyer may be a scammer. It’s also important to not tell the scammer that you called PayPal, because they could then send you another fake PayPal email confirming that phone call.
  • They won’t try to negotiate on price, will agree to pay more than the asking price, and won’t ask questions about the condition of the motorcycle for sale. This sounds too good to be true. => This should be another red flag to the seller. The whole idea of looking for things online is to get the best deal. Especially with motorcycles, the price is usually at little negotiable. Majority of buyers who are interested in buying your motorcycle will at least try to negotiate the asking price.
  • The scammer may also ask you to wire them, or their agent, money for shipping. => This is another red flag. You’re the one selling the motorcycle, therefore they should be giving you money, not the other way around. The buyer and seller are responsible for negotiating any shipping arrangements, but you should do your research on different shipping companies first. The company they claim they’ll be using could also be a fake company.

What we recommend our seller’s do to prevent fraud:

  • Do not respond to these scam text messages/emails. They’ll get the hint and move on.
  • If someone messages you, but you’re not sure if they’re a scammer or not, request that they speak to you on the telephone or in person. If they say they cannot for any reason, simply tell them that you’re sorry you cannot do business with them. You can also try to do a search for their name and phone number online to see if either comes up for any past fraudulent activity.
  • Do not give out your social security, bank account, PayPal account e-mail address, or other personal information to anyone. Someone who is interested in buying your motorcycle has no business knowing this information.
  • Don’t give out your VIN # to anyone until they’ve agreed to purchase your motorcycle and you’ve received their payment. => Sometimes scammers can steal real VIN #s to use on non-existent motorcycles they’re trying to list online for sale.
  • Always verify with the bank if someone gives you a certified check and wait until the payment transaction is 100% complete before giving the motorcycle and title over.
  • If an offer sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Go with your gut feeling about whether you think someone might be a scammer.
  • Consider using escrow account services to make sure that you are 100% safe when selling your motorcycle online. A really useful website to consult is Escrow.com.

We also recommend that you visit FBI’s Internet Fraud page to learn about other common Internet scams. You can also file report online scams by visiting FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center webpage.

We always invite you to contact us at 1-800-523-7274 if you are ever unsure about any text messages, phone calls, or online messages that you receive via ChopperExchange.



4 Motorcycle Sales MUST DOs

After more than 10 years of helping dealers sell motorcycles online, we have come to realize that a good number of motorcycle sales people are not ready to hustle and sell.

As a result, we have come up with 4 things that motorcycle sales people must do to sell motorcycles online These tips may seem basic, but you would be shocked to find out how many motorcycle dealers fail at at least half of these.

Let’s begin.

  1. Invest time and effort into writing compelling motorcycle descriptions.
    tips for writing effective motorcycle descriptions
    good bad listing
  2. Take great photos and upload videos of the motorcycle.
    importance of motorcycle photos and videos
    no stock images
  3. Set competitive asking prices.
    is your price rightis your price right 3
  4. Respond to sales leads as quickly as possible.
    responding to online leads

We strongly encourage EVERY motorcycle dealer to review the above mentioned suggestions and make sure that its staff is executing them correctly. This will boost sales staff morale, improve customer service, and increase sales.

FREE Facebook Promotions for Motorcycle Dealers’ Events

Events Promos ImagesSummertime is the season of sunshine, long distance rides, and biker events. It is also the perfect time for motorcycle dealers to engage with their customer base and showcase all the exciting products and services available at their store.

In keeping with these summertime biker traditions, ChopperExchange.com is giving motorcycle dealers an opportunity to promote unlimited events on our Facebook Page with more than 450,000 biker followers.

Event promotions will be posted in form of a Facebook Page status update, and they will only be shown to the biker followers who live in each dealer’s geographic region. Each post will include a description of the event, image, and a direct link to the actual event page on the dealership’s official website.

Events Promos Images2

To learn more about this FREE offers, dealers should visit our Facebook Event Promos page or contact Doug Perry at 1-800-523-7274 x240.


Increasing Motorcycle Sales via CRM

The motorcycle riding season is kicking off in many parts of the country. Summer is knocking on our doors. This is the prime time for motorcycle dealers to woo riders and sell motorcycles.

Summer is the ideal time for motorcycle dealers to connect with their customers and focus on building long-term relationships. This is the time for motorcycle dealers to rev up their customer relation management (CRM) practices and sell like mad.

Below are a few important bits of advice for increasing motorcycle sales via good CRM practices:

customer relationship managementlifetime value of a customerhow to build customer relationshipsdont forget to sell

Feel free to contact me at 800-523-7274 or mirela@chopperexchange.com if you have any questions. I am more than happy to help…for FREE.


7 Easy Steps for Retaining Customers and Increasing Sales

More than ever before, American companies are investing time and money into building long-term customer relationships and using exceptional customer service to increase sales. Motorcycle dealers are not an exception to this trend.

Here are some very useful and practical tips for motorcycle dealers who are interested in keeping their customers exceptionally happy and selling more motorcycles:

Track Everything

Set Goals

Appreciate Your Customers

Follow Up

Greet Your Customers


Be Present

recommended reading

thank you

Top 5 Motorcycle Seller Mistakes

Many motorcycle sellers think that selling motorcycles online requires very little effort because it is so easy to list a motorcycle on most classifieds websites. This leads them to make some costly mistakes that slow down the sale of their motorcycle.

And the top 5 mistakes made are:

  1. Set the asking price too high. Online sellers tend to think that setting a higher asking price when selling online is a good idea because there are a lot more shoppers online. This is the worst mistake to make. While there are more shoppers online, they also happen to be price comparison shoppers who are looking for best deals and are using pricing resources, such as Kelley Blue Book, to figure out the fair market value of the motorcycle they are buying. Overpriced motorcycles do not appeal to any buyers, including those who shop online.
  2. Upload only one photo. While it is easy to upload one photo of the motorcycle and call it a day, it significantly decreases the likelihood the motorcycle will sell. Since online shoppers do not have the option to see the motorcycle in person, it is very important that they have plenty of photos that show exactly what the motorcycle looks like. This helps online shoppers take mental ownership of the motorcycle.
  3. Write a short description. Many sellers think that disclosing the year, make, model, color, and mileage of the motorcycle is enough to sell it. In reality, motorcycle buyers are looking for a lot more, such as any extras added to the motorcycle, maintenance history, ownership history, how it was stored, and why the seller is selling the motorcycle. The description is the seller’s opportunity to make a strong sales pitch to the interested buyer.
  4. Describe the asking price as firm. A lot of online sellers state that their asking price is firm because they do not want to receive calls from people who want to haggle over the price. While this may turn away some hagglers, it also turns away serious buyers who get the impression that the seller is not friendly or is not willing to work with the buyer at all.
  5. Photograph the motorcycle with too much clutter around it. The most common mistake that sellers make when photographing their motorcycle is that they do it inside an overly clutter garage or by a large group of cars or other motorcycles. This makes it very difficult for interested buyers to see what the motorcycle really looks like.

Click here to sell your motorcycle on ChopperExchange.

Hassle-Free Motorcycle Shipping

As the internet becomes a more prominent tool to buy and sell items, a major factor (and worry) to consider when shopping around is shipping. That may be a nice bike over there in Cali, but how will you get it to Florida? These days, there is no need to limit yourself to shopping for motorcycles only in your area; there are several shipping companies that will help you get your newly purchased motorcycle from coast to coast.

Each ChopperExchange listing has a link for a pop-up that can provide a shipping quote from a trusted transportation marketplace that connects carriers and consumers to settle on the best price.blog

uShip is an online transportation marketplace that saves consumers time and money by connecting them with 355,000 register transporters in 18 countries and regions. It allows customers to create a listing with their motorcycle details and pick-up/drop-off locations in which carriers can bid against one another to take on the job, filling any empty space in their trucks at a much lower rate. Customers are encouraged to read reviews and leave feedback on their own experience to help future customers choose the right uShip transporter.

For more information on shipping motorcycles, vehicles or house-hold items, visit uShip.com.