How Sellers Find Success Using ChopperExchange

More than 175,000 American made V-twin motorcycles across the United States have been sold on since its inception in 2003. It is clear that many online sellers find success selling their motorcycles using ChopperExchange, but a few repeat sellers have been more successful than others. To understand why people choose to list their motorcycles on ChopperExchange and how they do so successfully, we interviewed four private sellers who have sold multiple bikes on the website.

The four private sellers who were interviewed are Bruce Murakami from St. Petersburg, Florida, Tom VandenBosch from Muskegon, Michigan, Will Fuller from Marshfield, Minnesota, and Edward Habedank from Sturgis, Michigan. They chose to list their motorcycles on ChopperExchange over competing sites for very similar reasons, but their main reason for listing was the nationwide exposure the website provides.

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The Guide For Washing your Motorcycle

There are few things more freeing and fulfilling than going on a weekend road trip with your motorcycle. You get to experience the open road and leave your troubles behind. At least, for as far as the road takes you! Once you get back, your bike is probably going to be covered in road dust with a few insects stuck to the headlights. This means it’s time to clean your bike! There are many different methods and strategies out there, but we’ll share our preferred methods.

Keeping your bike clean is more important to the health of the bike than just seeing how nice it looks. Mud, dust, and bugs can be very dangerous to the long term condition of your bike, especially if they’re left on for too long. These factors can cause paint to fade and metal to pit, lowering the value of your bike and causing a headache that could’ve been easily prevented. Continue reading

What is My Harley® Worth?

Are you interested in finding out how much your Harley-Davidson® motorcycle is worth? Considering selling your precious chopper?  Maybe you just want to boast to your friends about your beautiful ride.  Better yet, maybe you want to know how much money your significant other just spent on their new motorcycle, because you’re convinced it’s more than they told you.  No matter the reason, we can help you figure it out!  There are plenty of resources online that can help you determine how much your bike is worth.  An important thing to remember is that each resource that we will discuss, by itself, is incomplete.  In order to get the real picture of how much your Harley® motorcycle is worth, you will need to use a combination of the resources below to find the real value of your bike.

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7 Useful Tips to Sell Your Harley-Davidson® Motorcycle

While every Harley-Davidson® motorcycle owner loves their bike and would never be willing to say goodbye, sometimes you just need an upgrade! So to help you get the next dream ride, we’ve assembled a handy guide to show you how to properly part with your current motorcycle. These seven tips will help you successfully list your motorcycle for sale online and make sure it received as much love from online buyers as it deserves. Following these seven tips will help you sell your Harley.

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Riding Time Promotions

With the weather getting warmer, motorcycle sales have finally picked up again! What better time than now to list your bike for sale?

This month, we are offering a FREE Basic listing or $9 OFF any listing choice. These are two great offers for those interested in selling their motorcycle on ChopperExchange.

To get the most out of this month’s promotion consider our best value package, the Premium Listing. Our Premium listing will ensure that your bike stays on our website until it gets sold, therefore you won’t have to worry about your ad running out of time. You will also get the bonus “Featured Listing” upgrade with this package. This upgrade will place your bike at the top of the search results for your year, make and model getting it the extra exposure to sell your bike even faster.

List your bike today by visiting our Sell Your Motorcycle page and use the promo code CE316X at checkout for a free basic listing or $9 off.

ChopperExchange March Promo!

ChopperExchange March Promo!

Please contact us at 1-800-523-7274 or, if you need additional assistance with selling your motorcycle.

Sell Your Motorcycle Fast!

We are the very beginning of the riding season and the best time to list your motorcycle for sale, especially if you want to sell it fast. This is the the most active time of the year on our website. It is the peak of the motorcycle sales season.

We are currently offering an amazing monthly special for interested sellers. You can now get an until sold Ultimate Listing ($67) for the price of the three-month Standard Listing ($37) with the promo code JPRSTA.

To list your bike today, please visit our Sell Your Motorcycle page.


Sell Your Bike FAST With Our “Ultimate Listing”!

AprilPromo - APCX15

If your motorcycle is for sale, now is the best time to list it on More and more people are looking to buy motorcycles and start riding again now that the weather is warming up. This month is the best time to list your bike for sale.

The best listing option that we offer is our “Ultimate Listing”. It is the best bang for your buck because it is an “until sold” listing and offers all of our listing upgrades for one flat price of $137. This listing option guarantees your bike will get the most exposure on ChopperExchange, compared to our other listing options.

For the entire month of April, we’re offering 40% OFF our “Ultimate Listing” using the promo code APCX15 at checkout. Take advantage of this huge savings, and sell your motorcycle today on ChopperExchange.

An “until sold” listing means that your ad will run however long it takes your bike to sell, whether it be 5 days or 5 months. Bikes on our website typically sell within the first 2 months, however some more custom motorcycles take a bit longer to find the right buyer. By having an “until sold” listing option, you won’t have to worry about the ad time running out before the bike gets sold, then risk paying additional fees to re-list.

The Ultimate Listing option also includes the following listing upgrades that our other listings do not offer:

  • Featured Listing ($30 value): Your motorcycle appears at the beginning (top) of search results, with a red Featured stamp on the main image, anytime someone searches for any of the criteria that match your motorcycle’s description. This is an ideal upgrade for popular motorcycle models. It prevents the motorcycle from being buried in other listings in its category. Featured Listing feature only takes effect in the search results and not on the Home page for aesthetic purposes.
  • Highlighted Listing ($20 value): Your motorcycle listing appears highlighted in yellow in the search results. The yellow highlighting makes it stand out from other listings and grabs the potential buyers’ attention.
  • Showcase Listing ($60 value): Your motorcycle appears in a Showcased area on every search page. That means that your motorcycle will be seen by all buyers searching for motorcycles on ChopperExchange. Showcased motorcycles are rotated every 7 seconds to make sure that each one gets equal amount of exposure.
  • Anonymous Telephone Number ($7 value): Assigned telephone number that will forward all calls from interested buyers to the telephone number on my account. The text messages sent to the anonymous number will be intercepted by ChopperExchange to weed out any messages that might be from online scam artists.

If you’re interested in listing your American V-Twin motorcycle for sale, please feel free to visit our website at and use the promo code CXBL20 for 20% off any listing option at checkout.

Feel free to call (800)-523-7274 or email with any questions.

How To Make Your Listing Stand Out With A Video

Blog Graphic - Video Tip

Over the last few months we’ve blogged about how to make your listing stand out with great photos, a detailed bike description, and a fair asking price. This month we’d like to focus on a FREE feature that we offer on that not as many people utilize. Therefore, this will offer you another chance to “one-up” other sellers on our website to help your bike get noticed. This blog post will teach you how to create and upload a video of your motorcycle.

The easiest, simplest way to add a video to your listing on is to record one using your cell phone’s “video” record option that can be found on the “camera” app on your phone. After the video is recorded, you can then directly email it to us at from your phone for us to upload to your listing for you.

Here are a few important things to include in the video recording:

  1. Start the video with the bike turned off. Then start it up, and let it idle.
  2. Walk completely around your bike, and move the camera close up to the engine and exhaust pipes.
  3. Include close-ups of any non-stock items that have been added on to your bike (ape hangers, passenger seat, saddlebags, LED lights, etc.).
  4. Show any damage that might have been done to the bike.
  5. Gently rev the engine, while the bike is parked, and make sure the sound of the engine and exhaust pipes can be heard clearly.
  6. While the bike is still running, show the odometer and other gauges that your bike might have.
  7. If your motorcycle has a stereo system, turn it on for the buyer to listen to the clear sound from the speakers.
  8. You can also record someone sitting on the motorcycle for a potential buyer to get a better feel of the height of the bike and sitting position.

Here is a great example of a bike video on one of the listings on found on


Below are screenshots of how people will be able to view your videos on your listing:

BikeVideo1 BikeVideo2

If you’re interested in listing your American V-Twin motorcycle for sale, please feel free to visit our website at and use the promo code CXBL20 for 20% off any listing option at checkout.

Feel free to call (800) 523-7274 or email with any questions.

How To Gain More Ad Exposure With A Facebook Status Upgrade

FB Exposure

If you’re looking to get even more exposure for your motorcycle listed for sale on, you should consider purchasing one of our Facebook Status Upgrades. We offer a regional status upgrade (additional $47) and a national status upgrade (additional $147).

Your motorcycle listing will be posted as a status update on our ChopperExchange Facebook Page with more than 600,000 American V-twin bikers. The post includes a large photo of your motorcycle, brief bike description, direct link to the listing, and a method of contact should one of our followers be interested in your bike.

The post will appear in our Fans’ Facebook News Feed, and you can choose between having it displayed nationwide (national) or in your geographic area (regional). This is a great way to bring social media exposure to your motorcycle at a very affordable price.

Below is an example of how the Facebook Status Update post may look:

FB Post ExampleIf you’re interested in purchasing a Facebook Status Update for your listing, simply login to your account and select the “Facebook Status Update” link in the list of upgrades that we offer. Then you’ll be promoted to select either the regional or national upgrade. Select the option you choose by pressing the yellow buttons that will appear at the top of the Facebook Status Update prompt page, then continue on to the checkout page.

Listing Upgrades List

If you’re interested in listing your American V-Twin motorcycle for sale, please feel free to visit our website at and use the promo code CXBL20 for 20% off any listing option at checkout.

Feel free to call (800)-523-7274 or email with any questions.