Are You Spending Your Advertising Dollars Wisely?

We are getting closer to the end of the year, which means that 2014 advertising budget planning is also approaching. This is the time when dealerships decide how much money to spend on each advertising medium in the upcoming year. It is also a good time to step back and consider how profitable and relevant each advertising medium actually is for your business, especially if you have a small advertising budget. Going with the most traditional, which often happens to be the most expensive and least trackable, advertising media is not always the best idea. Such advertising media often drain companies’ budgets and produce very little return (ROA).

To keep things in perspective, you should take a look at a broad comparison of various advertising media, as presented with the following graphic, to decide which ones are best suited for your dealerships’ goals. Please click the comparison table to zoom in.

cost of advertisingWhile television commercials and magazine ads may be cool, they are often very expensive and produce very little sales leads. Even if they do produce sales leads, they are almost impossible to track in order to determine if a particular advertising campaign is a success.

On the other hand, as presented in the above advertising cost comparison table, for a fraction of the cost of most traditional advertising media,, our own classifieds American V-twin motorcycle classifieds website, gives motorcycle dealers the opportunity to reach a national American V-twin motorcycle rider base and track all online sales leads. Dealers who are interested in maximizing the return on their advertising budgets cannot go wrong with ChopperExchange.

The bottom line is that each dealer should carefully consider each advertising medium’s cost, reach, and sales generation potential. It is sometimes the less expensive options, such as e-mail marketing and online classifieds, that bring the most bang for your buck.

To learn more about ChopperExchange dealer accounts, please visit our Dealer Advertising Information Page or contact us at

One Very Important Reason to Be Interesting on Facebook

Businesses are always walking the fine line between selling too much and posting interesting content on their Facebook Pages. Both are important, but too much of either one is not a good approach to social media marketing.

One of the biggest negative consequences that can result from selling too much and posting boring/irrelevant content on Facebook is loss of Page likes (fans). If your fans (likes) do not enjoy what they see from your Page in their Facebook feed, they will most likely tell Facebook to hide your posts. Even worse, they will unlike your Page.

Here is what typically happens:

You post a Facebook status and it appears in your fans’ news feed. Your fans then have the option to comment, like, or share the content you posted. Facebook also gives them the option to opt out of seeing your posts.

harleys for heroes














If your fans decide that they do not like what you are posting on your Facebook Page, they can hide it from their News Feed with a couple of clicks.

News FeedThe scariest part is that your fans will most likely Unlike your Page if they do not like the content that you are posting. They can do this without even visiting your Page.

unlikeThe bottom line is that Facebook Likes are not free and every business should post content that will increase its Pages’ Likes and not encourage the current ones to Unlike its Faacebook Page.

5 Free Tools to Help You Manage Your Social Media Presence


If you are responsible for managing your company’s social media accounts, you are most likely looking for ways to save time and determine how successful your current efforts are. The bottom line is that you want to figure out what content is most desirable by our followers and how to spend less time on your social media management efforts.

Here are five FREE tools that will help you improve your social media management and save time:

  1. Hootsuite allows users to schedule content posts on Facebook and Twitter ahead of time. It also offers enhanced analytics reports for social media profiles.
  2. PicMonkey enables users to edit photos and create cool collage images, which can be shared on social media profiles. This is a great way to personalize your social media content and engage with your followers.
  3. TweetBinder gives social media content managers the ability to figure out the most popular terms and hashtags on Twitter.
  4. SemRush gives marketers the ability to find out what keywords are generating the most organic and sponsored traffic for their competitors.
  5. Canva is a brand new website (still in the beta mode) that allows users to create cool and catchy graphics for their social media accounts.

All of the above mentioned tools (websites) offer free options and are very easy to use.

If you have any questions about any of these tools, feel free to send me an e-mail at


Sell via Pinterest for FREE

Let’s face it. With 25 million users, Pinterest is a social media website that is very difficult to ignore, especially for establishments with a significant female customer base. This translates to about 10 million unique visitors per month, who are predominately young, female, well-educated and have a significant amount of disposable income.

Another impressive fact is that Pinterest users are not simply browsing and pinning images that they like or wish to have. They are actually buying items that they find on Pinterest. According to the Business Insider, individuals who buy items via Pinterest spend an average of $170 per shopping session. For comparison purposes, this is 179% more than Facebook shoppers who spend an average of $95 per session and 243% more than Twitter shoppers who spend $70. These figures alone should be a pretty good wake-up call for businesses of all sizes to consider Pinterest for their marketing mix.

While smaller businesses may be afraid that Pinterest may be too time consuming and present difficulties in tracking return on investment (ROI), many successful and innovative establishments are jumping on board with hopes of capturing a significant portion of the website’s 25 million user base. Some companies are going as far as focusing more attention on their Pinterest page than Facebook. For example, Lowe’s, a home improvement store, has 3.5 million Pinterest followers and 2.5 million Facebook likes.

Another very important metric that is prompting businesses to embrace Pinterest is the fact that 70% of brand engagement is generated by users and only 30% by brands. This can be considered online word-of-mouth, which is one of the most powerful forms of advertising. Think of your Pinterest followers and customers as your online brand soldiers who promote your products, defend your brand, and encourage others to buy from you.

If you are still skeptical, I encourage you to take a few minutes to visit Pinterest and search for some key words relevant to your line of business. I think that you will be pleasantly surprised. So surprised that you will probably want to create a page for your business and begin pinning right away. If you are nervous, don’t be. You do not have to be an expert. That is the beauty of Pinterest…and the fact that it is FREE.

Out of curiosity, I did a search for “Harley-Davidson”, “motorcycle”, “lady motorcycle riders”, and “motorcycle riding gear”. The results blew me away. I was able to find photos of beautiful motorcycles, best riding gear, and fun ride destinations. But, the biggest shocker was the fact that Harley-Davidson Motor Company is NOT active on Pinterest. The company has a Pinterest page, but no boards and only 826 followers. This is a stark contract to the company’s 4.8 million Facebook Page likes. This is a huge missed opportunity for the Harley brand, especially since the company is currently trying to increase its female customer base.

harley pinterest

If you are a motorcycle dealer or any business that caters to the biker community, especially lady riders, Pinterest should be of strong interest to you and your staff. It is a simple, yet powerful (and free) vehicle to promote your products, engage with your female customer base, and sell. It is also a lot of fun! If nothing more, try it for at least 30-60 days. I am pretty certain that you are going to notice its potential right away.


As mentioned earlier, you do not have to be an expert to successfully incorporate Pinterest into your company’s marketing mix. Here are a few very basic tips to get you on your way to pinning and selling on Pinterest:

  1. If you do not have a Pinterest business page, you should create one by going to Pinterest Business Page to get started. This page will give all the details and guide you through the sign-up process.
  2. Once you create a Pinterest Business Page, think about different categories of products that your business offers and that would be of interest to your female customer base. If you are a Harley dealership, you may want to focus on different lady rider fashions, bikes, and accessories. Think about what your female customers like and want. Also, you may want to create some boards that cater to your male customer base because chances are that majority of your Pinterest female followers have a man in their life that they shop for.
  3. Use the determined categories from step 2 to to create boards for your page. For example, you can have a board for “tanks and tees”, “earrings”, “bracelets”, “vests”, and other similar categories. To get started, create 3-5 boards just to get your feet wet and add more with time. Start with 3-5 most popular categories.
  4. After you create your boards, start adding items to each board. You can upload photos from your computer or directly from your website. You should always add a brief description and a link for each item that you add to your boards. This allows your followers to learn more about each item and access it on your website.
  5. Your final step is to encourage your customers, especially lady riders, to follow you on Pinterest. You can do this via Facebook, Twitter, and any other vehicles that you use to communicate with your customers.

VERY IMPORTANT: It is very important to regularly add fresh content to your Pinterest boards. Your followers want to know what is new at your store. Pinterest pages that do not have new content are considered stale and boring. Be fun, interesting, and accessible. Most importantly, engage with your followers.

Lastly, here are a few examples of Pinterest business pages that cater to the biker community (you can click on each image to access the Pinterest page):

chopperexchange pinterest

 gateway pinterest

 steel cowgirl

As one final, final piece of advice, please keep in mind that the most successful brands did not become huge on Pinterest in seconds. Success takes time, and Pinterest is not an exception. It is the best idea to set aside 30-60 minutes on slow days to update your Pinterest boards and interact with your followers. Do not be too pushy and focus too much on sales. Start planting seeds and sales will come with time.

And, of course, if you have any questions or need free advice, feel free to e-mail me at I will gladly help you with any of the points mentioned in this post. I want you to love and benefit from Pinterest, and I truly believe that you can do it.

How to Verify Your Google Places

Almost every motorcycle dealership has a Google Places page, even if the ones that do not want to have one. Google automatically created Google Places for almost all businesses in its database. If you have not checked if your business has one, you should immediately. Make sure to read all the reviews that may have been written on your Google Places page, especially if you have a low customer rating score.

jims harley davidsonThe best aspect of Google Places is that it is a 100% FREE business listing that allows you to upload photos, write about your business, offer coupons, and respond to customer feedback. Google also uses your Google Places information and customer ratings in the search results when someone searches for you on

jims hdThe most important initial step is to claim your business Google Places listing. Below are the required steps to make this happen:

verify google places

For additional information, feel free to call us at 1-800-523-7274 or visit Google’s Google Places Help Page.


Is Your Advertising Wasteful?

Several days ago, I visited a local news station’s website to read a specific article and noticed a banner ad from a Harley-Davidson dealership located many miles away in Kansas. Furthermore, I realized that this particular dealership was running three (3) separate banner ads on the same page of this local news website.


While broad, non-targeted advertising campaigns are great for general brand building, this type of advertising is not necessarily the most effective way for motorcycle dealerships to advertise their products and/or services.

In the case of the above mentioned dealership, its banner ads are reaching individuals who are reading general news articles in Tampa, Florida. The problem is that most of these readers are probably not bikers interested in purchasing a motorcycle located in Kansas. These banner ads are reaching an audience that is not interested in what they are advertising.

The money spent to run the above mentioned banner ads would have been better spent on targeted advertising options that specifically reach motorcycle riders, such as Google ads, Facebook ads, or even banner ads on websites that cater to motorcycle riders in Kansas.

Classifieds websites, such as ChopperExchange, allow motorcycle dealers to reach extremely targeted groups of consumers who are in the market to buy a motorcycle. At ChopperExchange, we make sure that we are only marketing our services to American V-twin motorcycle riders, so our dealers have access to the most qualified pool of buyers.

If nothing, this post should encourage you to re-examine your marketing efforts and make sure that you are spending your money on attracting qualified consumers rather than spending too much money on masses that may or may not be interested in your products and services.

Also, be very careful if you are considering hiring third parties to run your advertising, especially if they do not understand your business and industry. Make sure to ask many questions and find out exactly what they plan to do to advertise your business. Otherwise, you may end up running banner ads on websites that cater to individuals who live in Africa or Europe.

FREE Facebook Promotions for Motorcycle Dealers’ Events

Events Promos ImagesSummertime is the season of sunshine, long distance rides, and biker events. It is also the perfect time for motorcycle dealers to engage with their customer base and showcase all the exciting products and services available at their store.

In keeping with these summertime biker traditions, is giving motorcycle dealers an opportunity to promote unlimited events on our Facebook Page with more than 450,000 biker followers.

Event promotions will be posted in form of a Facebook Page status update, and they will only be shown to the biker followers who live in each dealer’s geographic region. Each post will include a description of the event, image, and a direct link to the actual event page on the dealership’s official website.

Events Promos Images2

To learn more about this FREE offers, dealers should visit our Facebook Event Promos page or contact Doug Perry at 1-800-523-7274 x240.


How to Manage Your Online Reputation

Given the current popularity of social networking, search and review websites, such as Facebook, Google and Yelp, it is extremely important for businesses, including motorcycle dealers, to manage their online reputation.

Gone are the days when a single customers could only tell a few people about a bad experience at your business. Today, a single customer has the ability to share his/her bad experience at your business with thousands of Internet users for FREE.

Below are some tips for building positive perceptions and exceeding your customers’ expectations, which will help you manage your dealership’s online reputation:

online reputation managementwhy is orm importanthow to manager your or

google placesgoogle places examplesgoogle places harleyunhappy customersonline reputation management review

Feel free to contact me at 1-800-523-7274 or, if you have any questions or need help with any of the topics mentioned above.

Increasing Motorcycle Sales via CRM

The motorcycle riding season is kicking off in many parts of the country. Summer is knocking on our doors. This is the prime time for motorcycle dealers to woo riders and sell motorcycles.

Summer is the ideal time for motorcycle dealers to connect with their customers and focus on building long-term relationships. This is the time for motorcycle dealers to rev up their customer relation management (CRM) practices and sell like mad.

Below are a few important bits of advice for increasing motorcycle sales via good CRM practices:

customer relationship managementlifetime value of a customerhow to build customer relationshipsdont forget to sell

Feel free to contact me at 800-523-7274 or if you have any questions. I am more than happy to help…for FREE.


Motorcycle Event Marketing Tips

According to the question polls recently conducted on the ChopperExchange Facebook Page, majority of motorcycle riders attend at least one dealership event per month.

Dealership events present motorcycle riders to connect with others who are part of the biker lifestyle and also check out any new bikes, apparel, and accessories available at the dealership.

While events appear to focus on the “fun” and “community” aspects of the biker lifestyle, they also present motorcycle dealers with the opportunity to build long-term relationships with customers and market their products/services.

Events offer win-win experiences for customers and dealerships.

Here are a few useful and practical tips for dealers who are interested in successfully marketing and hosting events at their store:

how to host an eventpromote eventsfundamentals of marketing

BONUS: ChopperExchange offers FREE Facebook event promotion posts for dealers who have an account with us.

Feel free to contact me at 1-800-523-7274 or if you have any questions about hosting and promoting your next event.