Check Your Helmet!

Check Your Helmet Month

April marks an important month for bikers and motorcycle safety — Check Your Helmet Month! Check Your Helmet Month is an initiative to ensure bikers get the highest quality of safety in the event a helmet will be used to save a life. Here are some tips and reminders:

  1. Aging – If your helmet has not been damaged or dropped, be sure to replace it every 3-5 years. Basic use and UV rays from those long, sunny rides can reduce the protective quality of your helmet after a while. Also, be sure to check with your local motorcycle dealership for helmet trade-in offers in the month of April. Some dealers offer up to 15% off your next helmet purchase with a trade-in.
  2. Impact – Crashes or even one drop can cause serious damage to the protective quality of your helmet. Even if there are no visible signs of damage, you should replace your helmet immediately if any impact occurs.
  3. Fit and Function – For the best fit, your helmet should rest about one inch above your eyebrows and should NOT roll forward or sideways when you move. Many dealers with apparel stores will help you find the proper fit if you ask! For function, check your local and state laws to make sure your helmet meets the minimum safety standards. You can also do this by looking for DOT stickers on the inside or outside of the helmet. Having this sticker ensures that your helmet has passed its tests for impact, penetration, retention and peripheral vision.

Additionally, make sure that your helmet is never exposed to insect repellents, gasoline, excessive heat or other harmful liquids and fumes. Exposure to harsh chemicals can degrade the helmet’s protective materials without any visible sign.

For more information on protection and helmet suggestions, check out this flyer by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation and the MotoUSA blog.

ChopperExchange April Promo

ChopperExchange April Promo

If you’re interested in listing your American V-Twin motorcycle for sale, please feel free to visit our website at and use this month’s promo code APCX16 for a FREE Highlighted listing upgrade ($20 value) on any Basic, Standard or Premium listing at checkout.

Feel free to call (800)-523-7274 or email with any questions.

Daytona Bike Week 2016

You don’t want to miss this year’s 75th anniversary of the Daytona Beach Bike Week. This 10-day event runs March 4-13 has tons of vendors, rides and shows to keep you busy! Here’s a list of a few events we think will be worth checking out. Let get started:

First on the list, make sure to “check-in” at Riverfront Park. At the corner of Beach and Main Street, you can stop by the welcome center and enjoy beautiful scenery along with great food, music and drinks. This is also the location where the raffle drawing for the 2016 Official Bike Week Motorcycle will be held. Make sure to get your raffle ticket hereThe drawing will be held at approximately noon on Saturday, March 12, 2016.

Ready to rock? Jesters Live will be hosting two weekends of music for Daytona Bike Week. Buckcherry and Blackberry Smoke will be opening up riding season on Friday, March 4 at 7:00 PM with Black Label Society performing with a special guest at 7:00 PM on Saturday. The following week, you can catch Creedence Clearwater Revisited and The Charlie Daniels Band on March 10th and 12th respectively. Tickets are set at $20 per show for general admission. These are shows you definitely don’t want to miss. You can purchase your tickets here.

Jester's Live Bike Week Shows

Jester’s Live Bike Week Shows

Last on our list is the Perewitz Custom Paint Show. If you have custom paint to show off this is something you want to make your way around to. Get the chance to win a trophy and see what kind of paint other bikers are showing off at this awesome custom show. This event will  be taking place at Jester’s Live on March 9th from 10:00 AM – 9:00 PM.

Perewitz Custom Paint Show

Perewitz Custom Paint Show

In honor of Daytona Bike Week 2016, ChopperExchange hosted an Instagram Bike Week Giveaway! Look out for more giveaways in the future:

ChopperExchange Instagram Giveaway

February ChopperExchange Instagram Giveaway

For more information and a calendar of events for what’s sure to be a legendary Bike Week, check out the Official Bike Week website


Commerce Revolution: What Online Shoppers Want

Last month, I had the opportunity to attend the 2014 Internet Retailer Conference and Exhibition (IRCE) in Chicago.

In addition to meeting many cool and innovative e-commerce companies, I also attended several very informational and eye-opening lectures by various industry leaders. One of the lectures was Connected Commerce: The New Opportunity for Retailers in an Evolving Retail Environment, presented by eBay, Inc.’s President and CEO, John Donahoe.

Mr. Donahoe underscored 5 important points for e-commerce businesses who want to make online shoppers happy and keep them coming back for more:

  1. Online consumers just want to shop. They do not care about the background infrastructure of the website as long as it works and it is easy to find the products/services they are looking for. Shopping should be seamless.
  2. Businesses must give online shoppers choices.
  3. Attentive online service and help is a non-negotiable.
  4. The return/exchange process must be super easy and free.
  5. Consumer personalization is still in its early stages. No online retailer has truly mastered it or cracked the nut of true personalization, which means that everyone has lots of room for improvement.

Finally, Mr. Donahoe stated that the commerce revolution has not, contrary to popular belief, ushered in the end of offline retail. In fact, offline retail is not dead at all. It is actually still a strong source of revenue for many retailers when properly integrated with online shopping options.



Motorcycle Awareness Month

Every year in May, the Department of Motor Vehicles and riders through the US band together and recognize Motorcycle Awareness Month. It’s an important time to educate all motorists to watch out for motorcycles as well as encourage motorcyclists to be cautious on the road.

While we are aware that safety isn’t always synonymous with style, choosing between protecting your noggin and avoiding helmet hair is a no-brainer. “Motorcyclists are 35 times more likely to experience a deadly accident on the road than those in passenger cars.” (U.S. Department of Transportation) Proper motorcycle safety gear can save your life in an accident, so it is critical to pick out the right wear.

Below is our favorite pieces of gear to get you rider-ready and stay protected:

  • Biker’s Dream Apparel Ladies Racing Jacket – Made from Top Grade cowhide leather and equipped with multiple pockets inside and out, a proper leather jacket is whatever woman needs while she rides.

Biker’s Dream Apparel ($119.98)

  • Allstate Leather Men’s Basic Motorcycle Jacket – Made of premium buffalo leather and equipped with more pockets than you can fill, this durable leather jacket also has removable zip out lining and half belt to adjust to your comfort and size.

Allstate Leather Men’s Basic Motorcycle Jacket ($149.99)

  • Harley-Davidson Packable Rain Suit – While riding across states, it is smart to pack for any weather. This classic style packable rainsuit is flexible for the ride and made of waterproof nylon. It is helmet-friendly allowing you to adjust to your size and shape and equipped with heat-resistant shields on the inner legs. Genius.


    Harley-Davidson Women’s Classica Packable Rain Suit

  • Harley-Davidson Ride Ready Fingerless Gloves – If you’re a long distance rider, then you know gloves are essential to comfort. These gloves are made of genuine leather and padded to reduce riding fatigue while finger-less to allow optimal use of your fingers in tricky times.


    Harley-Davidson Men’s Ride Ready Fingerless Leather Gloves

  • Biker’s Dream Apparel D.O.T Motorcycle Helmet – DOT Approved and with a flat black shell and shiny flames to keep your head still looking good and protected.

    Biker’s Dream Apparel D.O.T. Motorcycle Helmet ($59.99)

    Wearing the right gear is essential to enjoying a long ride with confidence. Be sure to tell your friends that May is Motorcycle Awareness Month and there are many ways to learn how to avoid a fatal accident. Ride safe!


How to Win Over Lady Riders

The Motorcycle Industry Council data shows that 25% of motorcycles riders are female. This rapidly growing group of riders has grown by 24% since 2003, and has grabbed the attention of many industry leaders, such as Harley-Davidson®.

Motorcycle dealers are hosting exclusive events for female riders. Motorcycle manufacturers are launching marketing campaigns solely focusing on the lady rider consumer group. Female riders are abandoning the back seat and expecting more from the motorcycle industry, including your dealership. This is your opportunity to win over this powerful group of consumers and convert them into loyal brand messengers.

How to win over the lady riders:

1.  Create a Pinterest board with the latest apparel and accessories available at your dealership, and invite your lady rider customers to follow your board. 1

Experts attribute the rise in women riders and ownership to better education and gear and equipment catered to women. Pin items available for sale in your shop along with the price to get your items circulating around the internet and attract female riders to your site. The more items you pin, the more followers you gain.2

2. Use Facebook to create exclusive events for lady riders who like your dealership’s page, and invite them to visit your dealership. Create event photo albums to show your female fans how much fun they could be having at your event.


3.  Organize women only rallies and rides to foster a strong sense of community and friendship. Effective marketing and customer relationships are based on mutually rewarding experiences. This is your opportunity to create such experiences and build a lasting bond with your female rider customer base.

Female only rides can occur every month and benefit a local or national charity, while encouraging experienced riders to support new female riders.

Let us know if you have any questions or need assistance via e-mail at We are more than happy to help at absolutely no cost to you.


Preparing for Riding Season

Winter is packing up and moving out allowing room for rising temps and scorching hot leather seats — oh, Winter, how we love to see you go! But before you head out on the road with a grin from ear to ear, both you and your motorcycle need some maintenance to be in top form for a successful start to the season.

To prepare you and your bike for that first ride, follow these tips along with referring to your motorcycle’s owner’s manual for specific maintenance instructions:

1. Undress your motorcycle. 

First and foremost, remove the cover and all plugs from the exhaust to unveil your pretty baby that’s been in hibernation all these months. Take a moment to appreciate. Thoroughly wash away grease or any anti-rust agent applied to protect the bike from rust over the winter.

2. Change the oil and reconnect the battery.

If you did not change the oil before storing it, change it immediately before riding. Oil separates during storage causing condensation buildup that can be harmful to your engine. Before you reconnect the battery that, hopefully, was removed from the bike and placed on a charger during storage, clean the cables and connections with a wire brush. Add distilled water to your battery if needed.

3. Internal check-up

Check your front/rear brake fluid levels, coolant (if your bike is liquid-cooled) and petrol level. If low, fill. If you used a fuel stabilizer, such as Sta-Bil or a similar product, your fuel should be in good shape. However, it is good to double check by opening the filler cap and looking inside for gunk. If not, you are better off getting your tank and fuel lines drained first.

4. Inspect tires and brakes

Check the tires for leaks/cracks, worn treads and the correct pressure with your gauge. Refer to your owner’s manual for recommended PSI levels. Additionally, spend extra time checking your brakes, as these are the most important part of a bike when it comes to safety, by inspecting the brake pads and cables for wear and lubricating the front brake lever.

5. Test it out.

Make sure everything is working properly by testing the brakes, lights and turn signals. Ensure the mirrors are in the correct position and are free of smudges and dirt.

Even after you’ve completed the routine checks above, don’t take off on your motorcycle just yet. Review the Motorcycle Safety’s Foundation’s Inspection Checklist to ensure you’ve covered all the mechanical inspections and are prepared for a safe ride. Also consider investing in good riding gear. Wearing the appropriate gear can be beneficial for both your safety and comfort. “Riders who don’t wear helmets are five times more likely to suffer a critical head injury in an accident,” according to Claude Reynolds Insurance.

After that, you are ready to enjoy the rode with confidence and freedom!

What are some other ways you prepare for the riding reason?


The Best Bar in America

An independent feature film directed by Eric and Damon Ristau, The Best Bar in America plays out every bikers dream journey to travel through the American West on a motorcycle in search of the perfect bar.

best bar

The team behind the movie traveled 8,000 miles over 93 days to follow Sanders (played by Andrew Rizzo) on his 1960 BMW R60 with a Velorex sidecar through most of Montana, Utah and Idaho trying to uncover the brotherhood of the bar and the bike. Expected release Spring 2013.

Watch the New Trailer

Find more information on The Best Bar in America on their Facebook page.

Most Sought Out Motorcycles has a special tool that allows registered users to sign up for Buyer Alerts on motorcycles they are interested in. Buyer Alerts will send an e-mail notifying the user whenever a new bike they specified has been added to the site by a seller. These alerts allow potential buyers to never miss a deal on our site while reminding them of past deals currently still available.

We have compiled a list of 2012’s Most Popular Buyer Alerts on ChopperExchange:

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By signing up for Buyer Alerts, the ChopperExchange Team can send personalized emails as new motorcycles are added to the list and you can request to have dealers contact you when they receive models you are looking to purchase.

To find out more about this feature, visit 

The Best Time to Buy a Motorcycle

Wouldn’t it be nice if after the holidays we could unwind on the couch letting all thoughts of gifts, gas, and house guests escape our minds? Well, unfortunately, most of us don’t allow such a treat but rather find January’s tenacious to-do list kicking down our door while we’re still scrambling to lay down some practical resolutions (pft!).

For many, January is a time to redefine ourselves or our homes: clean out the garage, redecorate the living room, plan healthier meals, or hit the gym for a few days (a few weeks if you’re really determined); but for others, January is the time to buy a new motorcycle.

buy motorcycle

Planning in advance to buy a motorcycle can save your pockets some cash and give you time to research for the right bike. While riding is still at rest for most of the United States and people are more keen on saving rather than spending, January brings motorcycle prices you won’t see in the spring. After riding season is over, many bikers are ready to retire their ride and put it on the market; in the spring, enthusiasts looking for a new hobby start shopping and dealer prices begin to rise. Our advice, start looking around for that undeniable deal before Christmas then hit em with an offer after the New Year (while the rest of the world is working on their budget).

Follow the link to our Motorcycle Search page to see dealer and private seller prices on bikes in your area  (

Indian Motorcycle’s 2013 Comeback

The original American motorcycle company is planning to make a strong comeback with a new lineup of 2013 Indian Motorcycle models and an “Indian Motorcycle Experience” exhibit at the International Motorcycle Show in New York City on January 18-20th, 2013.

The company’s 2013 model lineup includes the following bikes:

The rumor is that Indian will also roll out a couple 2013 models at a lower price point, between $18,000 and $20,000.

We are curious how Indian’s 2013 comeback will affect the American V-twin market. How will Harley respond to Indian’s 2013 comeback?

For additional information, please visit Indian Motorcycle Official Website.