The Best Bar in America

An independent feature film directed by Eric and Damon Ristau, The Best Bar in America plays out every bikers dream journey to travel through the American West on a motorcycle in search of the perfect bar.

best bar

The team behind the movie traveled 8,000 miles over 93 days to follow Sanders (played by Andrew Rizzo) on his 1960 BMW R60 with a Velorex sidecar through most of Montana, Utah and Idaho trying to uncover the brotherhood of the bar and the bike. Expected release Spring 2013.

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Find more information on The Best Bar in America on their Facebook page.

Ladies Riding and Rally Wear

Whether riding passenger or straddling your own, ladies need the right motorcycle gear for a comfortable ride while still being able to express their own unique biker style. Luckily, for all bikers black is still and always will be the new black, but with all the long road trips, raging rallies and bugs you’ll swat along the way, even quality apparel begins to look too ragged for continued street wear.

Here are some of our favorite updated ladies pieces fit for any biker event:

  • Studded Joe Tall Boots – these tall distressed leather lace-up boots are perfect for everyday wear and have that studded spike detailing to fierce up any outfit.
Studded Joe Tall Boots (Free People) $199.95

Studded Joe Tall Boots (Free People) $199.99

  • Sons of Anarchy Tank Top – this simple tank top allows your arms to move freely and can be pair with any color pants to give a sharp, sexy look.
Black Sons of Anarchy Tank Top

Black Sons of Anarchy Tank Top (BikerOrNot Store) $20.97

  •  Faux Leather Womens Jacket – Affordable and chic, a leather jacket is a staple for any weekend trip
Ashley Studded Faux Leather Womens Biker Jacket (Tillys) $29.97

Ashley Studded Faux Leather Womens Biker Jacket (Tillys) $29.97

  • Hair Twisters – Mix up your hair styles with metal hair twisters that stand out in long locks come in different sizes and lengths. Perfect for keeping your ponytail from flying in your face during long rides. $14.00

Hair Twisters (Medival Metal) $12.00

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2013 Ultimate Builder Competition

Hosted by the Progressive International Motorcycle Show, the Ultimate Builder Custom Bike Show is the foremost custom build competition with the largest prize offering on the planet. November 2, 2012 marked the launch of the third annual custom builder competition with its first stop in Atlanta, GA and sponsored by J&P Cycles; since then, the Progressive International Motorcycle Show has held events in major cities across the US including Dallas, Long Beach, NYC, Indianapolis, and Chicago. The Bike Show allows builders to enter their custom motorcycles into one of five competition classes – Freestyle, Modified Harley, Performace Custom, Retro Modified and Modified Street – and travel to compete in multiple cities.

“The popularity of this competition continues to grow, allowing attendees an up-close look at more than 500 amazing custom motorcycles in cities nationwide,” said Tigra Tsujikawa, brand director for the shows, which are produced by Advanstar (parent of Dealernews). “For the participating builders, this competition provides national exposure and a chance to share their artistic inspiration with enthusiasts while competing for top prize money.” (J&PCycles)

On Feb 15-17, the International Motorcycle Show made its second to last stop in Indianapolis, IN at an event partnerd with Dealer Expo (hosted by Dealernews). Contestants and winners from Chicago, Cleveland, Dallas, Detroit, and Atlanta made an appearance to compete with local builders from Indianapolis. Winners were chosen from a pool of 54 custom motorcycles competing for $26,000 in cash and prizes. Below are the winners for each competition class and their details.

  1. Freestyle 

    'Speedmetal' - Kyle Shorey of Shadetree Fabrications

    ‘Speedmetal’ – Kyle Shorey of Shadetree Fabrications. ‘Speedmetal’ also took the top prize in shows entered in Atlanta, Dallas and Chicago.

  2. Modified Harley

    2001 Harley Davidson Sportster - Adam Karns of Karns Kustoms, Delmar, MD

    2001 Harley Davidson Sportster – Adam Karns of Karns Kustoms. Paint by John Dunning.

  3. Performance Custom

    2009 Hayabusa 'Boosted Ego' - Breaklite Motorsports, Peabody, MA

    2009 Hayabusa ‘Boosted Ego’ – Jonathon “Snax” Grigas of Breaklite Motorsports. Paint by Bunz Designs.

  4. Retro Modified

    2012 YZF-R6 'Street Angel' - Nicole Kelleher of Breaklite Motorsports

    1981 Harley-Davidson FXW ‘Dead at 19’ – Will Ramsey of Faith Forgotten Choppers. Paid by Brian and Emeric Howell of RGW and striping by Danny Taylor.

  5. Modified Street

    Modified Street

    2010 YZF-R6 ‘Street Angel’ – Nicole Kelleher of Breaklite Motorsports. Paint by US Customz

For more information on the Ultimate Builder Competition Indianapolis results, please visit

2013 Dealer Expo

Every year hosts an international expo to bring together dealers, distributors, aftermarket parts and accessory companies, and original equipment manufacturers. The expo is the largest powersports event in the world and draws in  over 500 exhibitors to present the latest products, services, and trends in the industry. Held in Indianapolis, IN, the event is not open to the public and only welcomes qualified members to learn and assess new products on behalf of their customers.

Members of the industry can greatly benefit from attending the annual trade event for several reasons:

  • Gain insight on the industry
  • Better knowledge of products you already stock and new editions
  • Optimum networking opportunities
  • Learn ways to increase profit margins
  • Attend exclusive seminars with business leaders presented by Dealership University
  • Hear expert advice on how to increase profit margins, market your business and selling techniques

Since February 2010, ChopperExchange has traveled to Indianapolis to keep up with the new “cutting-edge” trends covered at the Dealer Expo. This year, we also had the opportunity to attend the Progressive International Motorcycle Show, which was at the same convention center as the Dealer Expo. The following are some of our favorite shots captured at both events:

1972 EDvel Knievel Harley-Davidson Ally XR750 Jump Bike

1972 EDvel Knievel Harley-Davidson Ally XR750 Jump Bike

2013 Custom Board Tracker

2013 Custom Board Tracker

Arlen Ness

Arlen Ness



More photos from the event can be found here on our Facebook page

Dates for the 2014 Dealer Expo have already been announced for Sept 26 -28 and  will be held in Indianapolis, IN.


Hassle-Free Motorcycle Shipping

As the internet becomes a more prominent tool to buy and sell items, a major factor (and worry) to consider when shopping around is shipping. That may be a nice bike over there in Cali, but how will you get it to Florida? These days, there is no need to limit yourself to shopping for motorcycles only in your area; there are several shipping companies that will help you get your newly purchased motorcycle from coast to coast.

Each ChopperExchange listing has a link for a pop-up that can provide a shipping quote from a trusted transportation marketplace that connects carriers and consumers to settle on the best

uShip is an online transportation marketplace that saves consumers time and money by connecting them with 355,000 register transporters in 18 countries and regions. It allows customers to create a listing with their motorcycle details and pick-up/drop-off locations in which carriers can bid against one another to take on the job, filling any empty space in their trucks at a much lower rate. Customers are encouraged to read reviews and leave feedback on their own experience to help future customers choose the right uShip transporter.

For more information on shipping motorcycles, vehicles or house-hold items, visit


Most Sought Out Motorcycles has a special tool that allows registered users to sign up for Buyer Alerts on motorcycles they are interested in. Buyer Alerts will send an e-mail notifying the user whenever a new bike they specified has been added to the site by a seller. These alerts allow potential buyers to never miss a deal on our site while reminding them of past deals currently still available.

We have compiled a list of 2012’s Most Popular Buyer Alerts on ChopperExchange:

  1. 2011 FLHXSE2 CVO Street Glide (Starting Price: $32,499)


  2. 2012 FLHXSE3 CVO Street Glide (Starting Price: $ 32,699)

  3. 2009 Street Glide (Starting Price: $18,999) - $15,695

  4. 2012 Street Glide (Starting Price: $19,499) - $19,495

  5. 2010 FLHXSE CVO Street Glide (Starting Price: $30,999) - $26,995

  6. 2009 FLTRSE3 CVO Road Glide (Starting Price: $30,999) - $27,895

  7. 2010 FLHX Street Glide (Starting Price: $18,999) - $18,499

  8. 2010 FLHRC Road King Classic (Starting Price: $17,999) - $16,995

  9. 2011 FLHX Street Glide (Starting Price: $18,999) - $16,987

  10. 2011 FLHTCUSE6 CVO Ultra Classic Electra Glide (Starting Price $36,499) - $32,995

By signing up for Buyer Alerts, the ChopperExchange Team can send personalized emails as new motorcycles are added to the list and you can request to have dealers contact you when they receive models you are looking to purchase.

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The Best Time to Buy a Motorcycle

Wouldn’t it be nice if after the holidays we could unwind on the couch letting all thoughts of gifts, gas, and house guests escape our minds? Well, unfortunately, most of us don’t allow such a treat but rather find January’s tenacious to-do list kicking down our door while we’re still scrambling to lay down some practical resolutions (pft!).

For many, January is a time to redefine ourselves or our homes: clean out the garage, redecorate the living room, plan healthier meals, or hit the gym for a few days (a few weeks if you’re really determined); but for others, January is the time to buy a new motorcycle.

buy motorcycle

Planning in advance to buy a motorcycle can save your pockets some cash and give you time to research for the right bike. While riding is still at rest for most of the United States and people are more keen on saving rather than spending, January brings motorcycle prices you won’t see in the spring. After riding season is over, many bikers are ready to retire their ride and put it on the market; in the spring, enthusiasts looking for a new hobby start shopping and dealer prices begin to rise. Our advice, start looking around for that undeniable deal before Christmas then hit em with an offer after the New Year (while the rest of the world is working on their budget).

Follow the link to our Motorcycle Search page to see dealer and private seller prices on bikes in your area  (