How To Gain More Ad Exposure With Listing Upgrades


To gain more exposure for your listing on ChopperExchange, please consider purchasing some of our listing upgrades. These upgrades will help your bike stand out from the others listed on our website and help grab the attention of more serious buyers.

The available upgrades are:

  • Showcase of the Month ($60)
  • Featured Listing ($30)
  • Highlighted Listing ($20)
  • Homepage Exposure ($10/day)
  • Facebook Regional Status ($47)
  • Facebook National Status ($147)

You can either purchase these upgrades during the creation of your listing (you’ll be prompted before the checkout page to select which upgrade you’d like to purchase) or after you’ve created a listing and are logged in to your account (see image below). These are all one-time fees that will last through the duration of the listing option that you’ve purchased, with exception to the Showcase of the Month (which lasts 30 days) and Homepage Exposure (which lasts 24 hours).Listing Upgrades

  • Showcase of the Month
    Your motorcycle appears in a Showcase of the Month area on every search page. That means that your motorcycle will be seen by all buyers searching for motorcycles on ChopperExchange. Showcase of the Month motorcycles are rotated every 7 seconds to make sure that each one gets equal amount of exposure.
  • Featured Listing
    Your motorcycle appears at the beginning (top) of search results with a dark outline around it anytime someone searches for any of the criteria that match your motorcycle’s description. This is an ideal upgrade for popular motorcycle models. It prevents the motorcycle from being buried in other listings in its category. This feature only takes effect in the search results and not on the Home page for aesthetic purposes.
  • Highlighted Listing
    Your motorcycle listing appears highlighted in yellow in the search results. The yellow highlighting makes it stand out from other listings and grabs the potential buyers’ attention. Highlighted Listing feature only takes effect in the search results and not on the Home page for aesthetic purposes.
  • Homepage Exposure
    Your bike will appear on the Home page of the day it is listed under the “Recent Listings” header. It will keep moving down the page as more bikes are listed. Additional Home Page Exposure can be purchased in 24 hour increments from your online account throughout the entire life of your listing.
  • Facebook Regional & National Statuses
    Your motorcycle listing is posted as a status update on our ChopperExchange Facebook Page with more than 500,000 American V-twin motorcycle enthusiasts. The post includes a large photo of your motorcycle, description, and a direct link to the listing. It appears in our Fans’ news feed and you can choose between having it displayed nationwide or in your geographic area. This is a great way to bring social media exposure to your motorcycle at a very affordable price.

If you’re interested in listing your American V-Twin motorcycle for sale, please feel free to visit our website at and use the promo code CXBL20 for 20% off any listing option at checkout. 

Feel free to call (800)-523-7274 or email with any questions.

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