How To Make Your Listing Stand Out With A Good Bike Description

Back in February, we wrote a blog post expressing the importance of having great photos of your motorcycle to make your online listing stand out. If you missed that post or need a refresher, check out how to use photos to help sell your motorcycle. This month, we want to help your listing stand out by describing the benefits of writing a good bike description.

When looking at an online listing, potential buyers want to know everything about the item they’re considering to purchase, especially when it’s a big ticket item like a motorcycle. This is your chance to win them over with great sales pitch. Being the owner, you are your own expert of the bike your selling.

ChopperExchange ads have no limit to how long a bike description can be, so you can be as detailed as possible. Potential buyers, however, do not want to read a novel when looking at a listing. Be sure to space out paragraphs, avoid run-on sentences, and include bullet points and lists when mentioning the bike’s features. This helps make it easier for the buyers to read and immediately find what they’re looking for on the listing, rather than spending too much time and straining their eyes reading one long paragraph.

Some important things to include in your bike description are:

  • The year, make, model, mileage, and asking price of the bike. Especially if it’s a custom bike or has a rebuilt engine. If that’s the case, then you want to include the year it was titled, the year of the frame, and the mileage on the motor. This information should also match what is listed on the title of the motorcycle.
  • Whether or not you’re the original owner of the bike and if the bike has a clean title.
  • The features of the bike. Describe the bike in full detail. Include: the size of the engine, if it has ABS brakes on it, all of the bike’s upgrades (exhaust pipes, engine guard, air breather, etc.) and extras (windshield, security system, chrome, seat, stereo, floorboards, sissy-bar, etc.) that might have been added onto it. The more you list, the more attractive your bike looks, and the more likely a serious buyer will be willing to contact you.
  • The bike’s condition, maintenance, and storage. You should disclose if there are any scratches on the bike (along with photos). It’s also a good idea to mention if it recently had any type of tune-up or oil change. You can mention if it’s been stored in your garage year round, or if it’s currently in a winter storage facility.
  • The reason you’re selling the bike. Some people like to know the reason you’re selling such a great bike. What drove you to to say to yourself, “how do I sell my Harley?” Without sounding too gloomy and depressing, you can briefly mention the reason you’re selling your motorcycle; whether it be that you have too many bikes and can’t ride them all, want to upgrade to another bike model, or for another reason. This also helps the potential buyer connect with you, which can make them feel more comfortable contacting you if they’re interested.
  • Shipping options. The asking price and selling options are completely up to what you’re willing to accept. If you’re willing to negotiate, then you can mention that in the description. You should also mention whether or not you’re willing to help transport the bike or split shipping costs. ChopperExchange offers several motorcycle shipping options that you may want to consider.
  • Payment and financing options. Let the potential buyer know if you’re open to accepting a check payment, escrow, or prefer to deal with strictly cash. We do not recommend using PayPal or wire transfers. A lot of local dealerships also offer “rider-to-rider” financing options if you’re willing to make that an option for the buyer. You can find more about payment protection tips and how to finance a motorcycle.

Here are a couple examples of GOOD bike descriptions:
(Click to enlarge & see full listing)
446158 422740

Here are a couple examples of NOT SO GOOD bike descriptions:
(Click to enlarge & see full listing)
445341 445969

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