How To Make Your Listing Stand Out With Photos

When you list a motorcycle for sale online, one of the most common mistakes sellers make is uploading bad motorcycle photos, or no photos at all. Photos make a HUGE difference on how much the motorcycle listing stands out among other listings. It can truly be the difference between waiting months with no interested buyers and selling your Harley.

When taking photos for your motorcycle, some of the important things to do are:

  • Make sure your bike is looking as clean possible. Give it a wash or be sure to wipe it down to remove any dirt that might not make it look as shiny.
  • Take a photo of your motorcycle outside when the sun is out. Do not take photos of your bike at night or in dim-lit areas that could make the photo look gloomy and depressing.
  • Eliminate all clutter surrounding your motorcycle. Move any cars, other bikes, garbage cans, tools, extension cords, hoses, etc. from the area where you’re taking taking the photos. The focus should be on your bike, not what’s around it.
  • Take photos of every angle of the bike. The more photos, the better. The most popular angle shows the motorcycle’s exhaust pipes.
  • Take close up photos of any damage on the bike that might be present and of the upgrades that you’ve added to it (pipes, engine, saddlebags, seats, custom paint, etc.)
  • Take photos of any thing else that’s included with the asking price that might not be currently on the bike (windshields, helmets, the stock parts that have been swapped out, sissy bars, extra seats, etc.)
  • Take a photo of the odometer when the bike is turned on for the buyer to see the mileage.

Here are also some examples of GOOD motorcycle photos:

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Now, here are examples of BAD motorcycle photos:


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