The Best, FREE Site To Find Biker Friends & Events

If you’re looking for biker events to attend in your area, looking for more riding buddies, or even looking for a single man/women who shares your love of riding, is the best, FREE place to meet other bikers online. is a FREE social networking site for motorcycle enthusiasts worldwide. By creating a profile, each member has the option to let other bikers know their relationship status, if they ride, what they ride, their location, interests, and even photos. You can then search for other bikers to befriend on the site.

bon-friends is also a great way to find out about rides and events in your area. You can also create your own rides and events and invite other members to join.


There’s also a FREE BikerOrNot app available in the GooglePlay store for Android devices. Click on the photo below to install the app.


Visit to create a profile and start meeting other bikers today.

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