Is Your Advertising Wasteful?

Several days ago, I visited a local news station’s website to read a specific article and noticed a banner ad from a Harley-Davidson dealership located many miles away in Kansas. Furthermore, I realized that this particular dealership was running three (3) separate banner ads on the same page of this local news website.


While broad, non-targeted advertising campaigns are great for general brand building, this type of advertising is not necessarily the most effective way for motorcycle dealerships to advertise their products and/or services.

In the case of the above mentioned dealership, its banner ads are reaching individuals who are reading general news articles in Tampa, Florida. The problem is that most of these readers are probably not bikers interested in purchasing a motorcycle located in Kansas. These banner ads are reaching an audience that is not interested in what they are advertising.

The money spent to run the above mentioned banner ads would have been better spent on targeted advertising options that specifically reach motorcycle riders, such as Google ads, Facebook ads, or even banner ads on websites that cater to motorcycle riders in Kansas.

Classifieds websites, such as ChopperExchange, allow motorcycle dealers to reach extremely targeted groups of consumers who are in the market to buy a motorcycle. At ChopperExchange, we make sure that we are only marketing our services to American V-twin motorcycle riders, so our dealers have access to the most qualified pool of buyers.

If nothing, this post should encourage you to re-examine your marketing efforts and make sure that you are spending your money on attracting qualified consumers rather than spending too much money on masses that may or may not be interested in your products and services.

Also, be very careful if you are considering hiring third parties to run your advertising, especially if they do not understand your business and industry. Make sure to ask many questions and find out exactly what they plan to do to advertise your business. Otherwise, you may end up running banner ads on websites that cater to individuals who live in Africa or Europe.

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