How to Win Over Lady Riders

The Motorcycle Industry Council data shows that 25% of motorcycles riders are female. This rapidly growing group of riders has grown by 24% since 2003, and has grabbed the attention of many industry leaders, such as Harley-Davidson®.

Motorcycle dealers are hosting exclusive events for female riders. Motorcycle manufacturers are launching marketing campaigns solely focusing on the lady rider consumer group. Female riders are abandoning the back seat and expecting more from the motorcycle industry, including your dealership. This is your opportunity to win over this powerful group of consumers and convert them into loyal brand messengers.

How to win over the lady riders:

1.  Create a Pinterest board with the latest apparel and accessories available at your dealership, and invite your lady rider customers to follow your board. 1

Experts attribute the rise in women riders and ownership to better education and gear and equipment catered to women. Pin items available for sale in your shop along with the price to get your items circulating around the internet and attract female riders to your site. The more items you pin, the more followers you gain.2

2. Use Facebook to create exclusive events for lady riders who like your dealership’s page, and invite them to visit your dealership. Create event photo albums to show your female fans how much fun they could be having at your event.


3.  Organize women only rallies and rides to foster a strong sense of community and friendship. Effective marketing and customer relationships are based on mutually rewarding experiences. This is your opportunity to create such experiences and build a lasting bond with your female rider customer base.

Female only rides can occur every month and benefit a local or national charity, while encouraging experienced riders to support new female riders.

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