How Sellers Find Success Using ChopperExchange

More than 175,000 American made V-twin motorcycles across the United States have been sold on since its inception in 2003. It is clear that many online sellers find success selling their motorcycles using ChopperExchange, but a few repeat sellers have been more successful than others. To understand why people choose to list their motorcycles on ChopperExchange and how they do so successfully, we interviewed four private sellers who have sold multiple bikes on the website.

The four private sellers who were interviewed are Bruce Murakami from St. Petersburg, Florida, Tom VandenBosch from Muskegon, Michigan, Will Fuller from Marshfield, Minnesota, and Edward Habedank from Sturgis, Michigan. They chose to list their motorcycles on ChopperExchange over competing sites for very similar reasons, but their main reason for listing was the nationwide exposure the website provides.

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ChopperExchange Announces Average Selling Prices for Motorcycles Sold in 2017 and 2018

St. Petersburg, FL — ChopperExchange, the largest niche motorcycle classifieds website in the United States, released its average selling prices for units sold on its website in 2017 and 2018. Numbers suggest that ChopperExchange is the leading online destination to resell American made V-twin motorcycles for the most money, with the average selling price of $12,076 for all units sold in 2017.

The average selling price for units sold thus far in 2018 is $12,721, which is a 3.7% increase from the previous year. The data consists of listings from all American V-twin brands, but is concentrated on powerhouse brands like Harley-Davidson® and Indian® Motorcycles. The data shows that average selling prices are influenced by average listing (asking) prices, which fluctuate throughout the year. The average percentage of listing price sellers received in 2017 reached a high of 96% in the third quarter.

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Gift Shopping for Bikers

Holidays and birthdays arrive too quickly. You don’t want to gift your friend something boring. We’ve assembled our gift ideas, so we can help you find the perfect biker gift for the special occasion. You should ask yourself “can they use it?” You want your gift to be something bikers will like and make use of. Novelty gifts are great, but they always end up shoved in a drawer or the garbage. Get your biker friend something they can use and cherish. This will guarantee that it’s a gift that’ll have them thinking of you everytime they see it.

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The Guide For Washing your Motorcycle

There are few things more freeing and fulfilling than going on a weekend road trip with your motorcycle. You get to experience the open road and leave your troubles behind. At least, for as far as the road takes you! Once you get back, your bike is probably going to be covered in road dust with a few insects stuck to the headlights. This means it’s time to clean your bike! There are many different methods and strategies out there, but we’ll share our preferred methods.

Keeping your bike clean is more important to the health of the bike than just seeing how nice it looks. Mud, dust, and bugs can be very dangerous to the long term condition of your bike, especially if they’re left on for too long. These factors can cause paint to fade and metal to pit, lowering the value of your bike and causing a headache that could’ve been easily prevented. Continue reading

The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly of Taking Motorcycle Pictures

In our world a picture is not worth a thousands words. It’s worth a million. Seeing is believing, and in today’s skeptical society, others will not simply take your word if you tell them how amazing your motorcycle looks. They need to see some evidence. The best part is that you don’t need to go out of your way and buy a $1000 camera to get your perfect shot. We’re going to give you some tips and tricks that will help you take amazing photos, using only our smartphone and a little bit of experimentation. Continue reading

What is My Harley® Worth?

Are you interested in finding out how much your Harley-Davidson® motorcycle is worth? Considering selling your precious chopper?  Maybe you just want to boast to your friends about your beautiful ride.  Better yet, maybe you want to know how much money your significant other just spent on their new motorcycle, because you’re convinced it’s more than they told you.  No matter the reason, we can help you figure it out!  There are plenty of resources online that can help you determine how much your bike is worth.  An important thing to remember is that each resource that we will discuss, by itself, is incomplete.  In order to get the real picture of how much your Harley® motorcycle is worth, you will need to use a combination of the resources below to find the real value of your bike.

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7 Useful Tips to Sell Your Harley-Davidson® Motorcycle

While every Harley-Davidson® motorcycle owner loves their bike and would never be willing to say goodbye, sometimes you just need an upgrade! So to help you get the next dream ride, we’ve assembled a handy guide to show you how to properly part with your current motorcycle. These seven tips will help you successfully list your motorcycle for sale online and make sure it received as much love from online buyers as it deserves. Following these seven tips will help you sell your Harley.

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ChopperExchange Releases 2017 American V-twin Industry Pricing Report

St. Petersburg, FL — ChopperExchange, the largest American V-twin motorcycle classifieds website in the United States, released their 2017 American V-twin Industry Pricing Report. The report compares data gathered from roughly 100,000 motorcycle listings on their website from 2016 Q3 – 2017 Q2. The data consists of listings from all American V-twin brands, but like the market the data is concentrated on perennial powerhouse brands like Harley-Davidson® and Indian® Motorcycles.

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Top 3 Most Expensive Harleys

Most consider Harley-Davidson a premium, American motorcycle brand and also pretty pricey. So, we thought it would be a cool idea to look up the top three most expensive custom Harleys currently listed on our website. Take a look and enjoy. All three are works of art. (Click on the name and model above each photo, if you would like to see more photos and full description.)

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